Main Quest: Escape!

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This quest will start when you're 19 years old. Amata will wake you up in your bedroom (#1) and give you a disturbing trifecta of news -- that your father has left the Vault, that Jonas is dead, and that the Overseer is hunting for you! As long as you're passably polite to Amata, she'll then tell you about the secret tunnel (Exit C) leading to the vault exit (Exit D), and she'll give you 10 Bobby Pins, a 10mm Pistol, and some ammunition.

Before rushing off to do anything (despite Amata's words, you can take your time), you should explore your room. On a table you'll find your BB Gun, 50 BBs, and a Baseball Bat; in a dresser you'll find a Pre-War Baseball Cap and some extra jumpsuits; and in a first aid kit you'll find 10 Stimpaks and some Med-X. If you didn't read your copy of Grognak the Barbarian during your 10th birthday party, then you'll find it in your dresser now.

You'll then need to explore the vault. You'll find some security guards (such as Officer Kendall at #2) that you can either attack or avoid, you'll find some good items (such as the Bobblehead - Medicine doll at #7) that you can loot, and you'll even encounter some people (such as Butch at #4) who will want your help.

Note: You'll probably have some trouble finding enough ammunition early in the game, and so for the easy battles in the vault, you should to stick to using your Baseball Bat.

Eventually, you'll make your way to the security office (#12), where you'll witness the Overseer and Officer Mack trying to browbeat Amata into giving up information about you. If you allowed Amata to keep the 10mm Pistol at the start of this quest, then she'll use it on Mack here. Otherwise, you'll have to storm in to save her.

When Mack goes down, Amata will flee the room (and go to her apartment at #14), and you'll be alone with the Overseer. If you surrender to him, then he'll take your weapons and use them against you. If you threaten to hurt Amata, then he'll give you his office key and password. If you kill him, then you can get the key and password (plus three Stimpaks) from his corpse. You can also ignore him and then either get the key and password from his apartment (#14) and office (#15), or you can use your lockpick and science skills instead.

Note: If you kill the Overseer, then Amata will be upset with you (since the Overseer is her father), but nothing will really change.

On the way to the Overseer's office (#15), you'll stumble upon the remains of Jonas (#13). You'll find a note from your father on his corpse, which you can listen to in the Data -> Notes section of your Pip-Boy. Your father will say that leaving the vault was just something he had to do, and he'll ask you not to follow him. Now what are the odds of that?

When you get to the Overseer's office, you'll find that it's locked. If you don't have the key from the Overseer (#12) or from the Overseer's apartment (#14), then you'll need at least 25 points in your lockpick skill to attempt to pick the lock.

Inside the office you'll find a locker containing lots of goodies, including 120 10mm Rounds and the Overseer's terminal password. You'll also find the Overseer's terminal in the office. If you have the password from the locker or from the Overseer himself (#12), then you'll be able to log on automatically. Otherwise you'll need 25 points in your science skill to hack the terminal.

Note: If you use keys and passwords to open doors and hack computers, then you won't get any experience for it. But if you pick the lock or hack the computer, then you'll gain some experience.

If you browse the files in Overseer's terminal, then you'll learn a handful of interesting things, including that vault dwellers have explored the area outside the vault, and that they've found giant ants and human settlements and more. You'll also be able to open the Overseer's secret tunnel (Exit C) from the terminal. You'll need to go through the tunnel to escape the vault.

When you reach the vault entrance map, you'll find a control pad there (#16). Activating the pad will open up the vault door (#17), but it will also alert security to where you are, and two security officers will (eventually) arrive through the locked door behind you (#18) and attack. Amata will also show up, and she'll either be sad or happy to see you go, depending on what you did with the Overseer (#12).

When you step through the vault door (#17), Amata will close it behind you, and you won't be able to get back into the vault until later in the game. So make sure you've healed up before heading through the door. When you actually exit the map (via Exit D), you'll complete the quest and advance to level 2. Going through the final door will also allow you to adjust your character settings.

1 - Your Apartment

You'll find a BB Gun, 10 Stimpaks, and more in your apartment.

2 - Officer Kendall

Officer Kendall will probably spot you when you leave your apartment (#1), but then he'll get ambushed by some wandering radroaches, and he'll stop paying attention to you. That will give you the opportunity to sneak away through the nearby bathrooms (#3) to get deeper into the vault. You can also watch the battle (Kendall will probably lose), or you can join in, but no matter what, Kendall will stay aggressive towards you.

If Kendall dies, then you'll find a Police Baton, some Vault 101 Security Armor, and a Vault 101 Security Helmet on his corpse.

3 - Bathrooms

Unlike water sources in the wasteland, the sinks and toilets in the vault will provide you with clean water. So you can drink as much as you'd like to restore your health, and you can save your Stimpaks for later.

4 - Butch

When you get close to Butch (#4), he'll rush up to you and tell you that his mother Ellen is being attacked by radroaches. You'll have a few ways to deal with this situation. You can give him your BB Gun and a few BBs, and then he'll kill the radroaches himself (and afterwards give you your gun back). You can pass a speech check and convince him to attack the radroaches by himself, and then he'll attack them with his Switchblade (and kill them much more quickly than if he had your gun). You can decide to help him and kill the radroaches yourself (being careful not to accidentally hit Ellen). Or you can leave Ellen to her fate, which will cause Butch to start calling for Officer Kendall (#2).

If Ellen survives, then Butch will give you his Tunnel Snake Outfit, and you'll also probably receive some karma. You can also get the outfit (plus a Switchblade and some Purified Water) by killing Butch, and if Ellen dies then you'll find some Vodka on her corpse.

5 - Diner

You'll find Grandma Taylor's corpse here.

6 - Gomez, Stanley, and Andy

Somewhere around here you should run into Officer Gomez, Stanley and Andy, and Andy will show that he's much better at toasting radroaches than he is at cutting birthday cakes. None of the trio will want to fight you, and none of them will drop anything particularly interesting should you decide to kill them.

7 - Medical Clinic

Inside the clinic, in the back room, you'll find a Bobblehead - Medicine doll (provided that you didn't pick it up earlier), which will permanently add 10 points to your medicine skill. You'll also find your mother's favorite Bible passage hanging on the wall, but you won't be able to open it yet. You'll have to wait until later in the game when you return to the vault during the quest Trouble on the Homefront.

8 - Tom and Mary

When you get to this spot, Tom and Mary will decide to make a break for the main vault entrance (Exit B), but the two security guards there will gun them down. You might want to take revenge on the security guards -- for the two 10mm Pistols and ammunition that they're holding, if for no other reason.

9 - Security Chief Hannon

Security Chief Hannon will wander around the atrium, so you might find him in lot of places. If you take long enough to get to him, then some radroaches might help you out by killing him for you. Otherwise you'll have to kill him yourself when you get to him. Hannon will drop Vault 101 Security Armor plus a Vault 101 Security Helmet when he dies.

10 - Windowed Room

You'll see a man banging on the window here, trying to get the guards' attention. There isn't any way to get to him (and the guards are probably dead anyway), so just ignore him.

11 - Floyd Lewis

You'll discover Floyd Lewis' corpse here, probably surrounded by radroaches.

12 - Security Office

This is where you'll encounter the Overseer and Officer Mack trying to "convince" Amata to give up information about you. After dealing with the situation, if you explore the office thoroughly then you'll find some useful items, including meds, ammunition, and standard security officer gear. You can also use the sink (or toilet, yuck) in the back room to regenerate your health.

13 - Jonas

Besides the note from your father, you'll also find Eyeglasses, a Vault Lab Uniform, and a Stimpak on Jonas' corpse.

14 - Overseer's Apartment

If you didn't kill the Overseer, then you should find Amata crying here. Otherwise she'll be at the Overseer's corpse. If you search through the apartment, then you'll find five Bobby Pins inside Amata's room, and you'll find some 10mm Rounds and the Overseer's office key in the Overseer's room.

15 - Overseer's Office

The office will start out locked. You can get the key from the Overseer (#12) or from the Overseer's apartment (#14), and you can also pick the door if you have at least 25 points in your lockpick skill.

Inside the office you'll discover the Overseer's terminal, which you can use to open up the Overseer's secret tunnel (Exit C). To use the terminal, you'll either need to pick up the password from the Overseer (#12) or from the locker in this office, or you'll need at least 25 points in your science skill so you can hack it.

Besides the terminal password, you'll also find a lot of goodies inside the locker in the office, including meds and 120 10mm Rounds.

16 - Vault Door Control Pad

You'll need to activate the pad to open the vault door (#17), but when you do you'll alert security, and two guards will come through the locked door behind you (#18).

17 - Vault Door

Be careful! After you've gone through the door, Amata will close it behind you, and you won't be able to re-enter the vault until later in the game when you trigger the quest Trouble on the Homefront.

18 - Locked Door

This door will eventually open after you've opened up the vault door (#17). If you kill the security guards who come through it and then explore the rooms behind it, you'll find a few useful items, including some Bobby Pins and a few bottles of Purified Water.

  1. Doorway between the main part of the vault and the atrium.
  2. Doorway between the atrium and the vault entrance. This door will start out locked, and you won't be able to go through it until after you've opened the vault door (#18). You'll also encounter a pair of security guards on the atrium side of the door. They won't be happy to see you (or anyone else), but they'll each drop a 10mm Pistol plus some ammunition if you kill them.
  3. Doorway between the atrium and the vault entrance.
  4. Vault exit.