Main Quest: Galaxy News Radio

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Quest Note

When you meet up with Three Dog at the GNR building, you'll be given the opportunity (with a speech check) to bypass this quest and advance to the next quest, Scientific Pursuits. So it's possible that you won't need to complete this quest in your game.


You'll need to do two things for this quest: pick up the Virgo II Dish from the Museum of Technology (#9) and then install it at the Washington Monument (#14). As luck would have it, the two locations are right next to each other, but you'll have to do quite a bit of spelunking to get to them.

Here's a route you can follow (if you select the Galaxy News Radio quest in the quests section of your Pip-Boy, then the game will show you the right exits to take):
  • Exit the GNR building (Studios map) using the Dupont Circle exit.

  • Travel south to the Collapsed Car Tunnel.

  • In the Collapsed Car Tunnel, head west and take the Dupont Circle Station exit.

  • In Dupont Circle Station, head south and take the Metro Central exit. You'll face a lot of raiders in the station. One of the early raiders will have a camp with a bed in it, and you'll be able to sleep there.

  • In Metro Central, head south, staying on the lowest level, and then take the Museum Station exit. Across from the exit, in a locked storage closet, you can pick up a copy of Pugilism Illustrated. If you explore the upper levels of Metro Central, then you should also come across a copy of Dean's Electronics.

  • In Museum Station, head south, then climb an escalator to the upper level, and then take the eastern exit for the Mall. That will put you right outside the Museum of Technology. Near the entrance of Museum Station, you'll need to activate an electrical switch to open a door at the top of a staircase. In the raider camp beyond, you'll find a copy of Grognak the Barbarian plus a bed you can sleep on.
Museum of Technology

Inside the Museum of Technology, you'll have to fight some super-mutants, but you'll find the Virgo II Dish in plain sight in the West Wing (#9). You shouldn't have much trouble getting to it or getting back out. You can also solve a treasure puzzle while you're in the museum (see #1), and some of the exhibits (such as the vault tour at #4) are fun to look at. Just remember that the exhibits reflect a fictional version of history and aren't real (for example, the Apollo 11 was the ship involved in the first manned Moon landing, not the Virgo II).


Right in between the Museum of Technology and the Washington Monument you'll find a bunker under the control of some super-mutants. You'll probably have to deal with a few super-mutants just to get into the museum and the monument, but you're not really required to root them all out. If you want to avoid as many super-mutants as possible, you can just exit the Museum of Technology, re-enter Museum Station, and then take the western exit for the Mall. That will put you right in front of the Washington Monument.

If you decide to take on the super-mutants, then you'll find beds, ammunition boxes, and first aid boxes both inside and outside the bunker. You'll also find a copy of Duck and Cover on a desk inside the bunker.

The Washington Monument

As a nice change of pace, when you reach the Washington Monument you'll discover that it's under the control of the Brotherhood of Steel, and so you won't have to kill anything inside. However, if you haven't spoken to Three Dog yet, then you won't be allowed past the outer gate. If you have spoken to Three Dog, then you'll just need to activate the security terminal next to the gate to get it open.

The monument itself is pretty small. Inside, you'll just need to take the elevator (Exit D) to the upper floor, and then activate the radio relay (#14) to install the Virgo II Dish. You'll gain karma for repairing the relay dish no matter what.

Back at Galaxy New Radio

When you return to Three Dog at Galaxy News Radio, you'll earn 400 experience points, and Three Dog will tell you that your father discussed some "scientific mumbo-jumbo" called Project Purity, and that he then left for to Rivet City so he could talk to a doctor named Li. This will trigger the next main quest, Scientific Pursuits.

However, if you jumped ahead of Three Dog and triggered Scientific Pursuits before talking to him, then he'll give you a different reward (since you'll already have learned the whereabouts of your father): he'll give you the key to a cache of equipment located in Hamilton's Hideaway. This is the only way you'll be able to open the cache, and inside you'll find lots of ammunition and meds, plus a Mini Nuke and a copy of Guns and Bullets.

1 - Museum Information Terminal (Lower Level)

On the terminal here you'll find a strange note labeled "#000." It's a message from Prime to Jiggs discussing Jiggs' share of the loot, and how Jiggs will need to follow some "breadcrumbs" to get to it.

After reading note #000, note #001 will appear on the terminal. Clicking on it will bring up a list of four numbers. You should select the only prime number in the list (19) to get a "confirmation." You'll need to get three confirmations in total to access Jiggs' loot.

You'll find the other two confirmation terminals in the West Wing of the museum (#5, #6). If you answer them correctly and get the needed confirmations then the terminals will give you the passcode necessary for the security terminal in the security office in the West Wing (#10). Then when you hack into the security terminal, you'll be able to open up the safe. Inside the safe you'll find 200 caps, a gun cabinet key, and more. You can use the key to unlock the gun cabinet in the planetarium's storage closet (#12).

Note: If you answer any of the terminals incorrectly then you won't be able to get the passcode, and you won't be able to open the safe. There isn't any way to reset the terminals.

When you get the passcode for the security terminal, you'll also receive a message from Prime inviting Jiggs to meet him at the diner next to the Jury Street Metro Station. If you go to the diner, then you'll discover Prime dead there, and you'll find 500 caps, the unique Chinese Assault Rifle Xuanlong, lots of drugs, and more on his corpse. Prime's corpse won't appear at the diner unless you figure out the passcode.

2 - Security Office (Upper Level)

You'll find a couple of useful things in this office: a turret control terminal (which you can use to activate the Atrium's turrets), a Slegehammer, and a copy of Nikola Tesla and You (located on the counter next to the museum maintenance terminal).

3 - Stealth Boy Exhibits

You can grab one or more Stealth Boys from each of these exhibits.

4 - Vault Tour (Upper Level)

You'll need to take the vault tour to reach the west wing of the museum (Exit B). "Mmm, I can smell the muffins baking now!"

5 - Museum Information Terminal (Upper Level)

You'll find note #002 on this terminal. The correct answer is once again the only prime number available (53).

6 - Delta IX Rocket Exhibit

On the lowest level of the exhibit, against the northern wall, you'll find another museum information terminal. This one will have message #003, and, as before, the correct answer is the only prime number in the list (113).

Math Note: Any number where the digits add up to a multiple of 3 can be divided by 3. That makes it easy to see that 99, 105, and 111 aren't prime numbers.

7 - Hidden Office

The only way to get to this office is to drop down from the highest walkway in the Delta IX exhibit (#6). If you start in the southwestern corner, then you'll probably land on a rope or the Delta IX itself, and then you'll be able to jump over the railing and enter the office. Inside you'll find a Stimpak and some Purified Water (in the refrigerator), a copy of Guns and Bullets (on the desk), and a bed you can sleep on (if you don't mind sharing it with a pair of skeletons).

8 - Custodial Office

In the narrow office here you'll find a Sledgehammer, a first aid box, and a desk containing a custodian's key. You can use the key to unlock the eastern door to the office.

9 - Virgo II Lunar Lander Exhibit

This is where you'll find the Virgo II Dish.

10 - Security Office

In this office you'll find a turret control terminal (which you can use to activate the West Wing's turrets), a safe, and a security terminal. The safe and the security terminal are involved in the Prime and Jiggs affair (see #1).

11 - Planetarium

When you enter the planetarium, an automated presentation will start up, and two super-mutants will spawn to investigate the noise.

Note: The western door to the planetarium will start out locked. You can unlock the door by picking it or by hacking into the computer in the storage closet, but there's a good chance the super-mutants will open the door themselves while they're patrolling the museum, and so you probably won't need to do anything.

12 - Storage Closet

Inside this closet you'll find a gun cabinet (locked with a "hard" lock), a planetarium terminal, a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum, a first aid box, and more. If you solve Prime's puzzle (see #1) then you'll get the key to the gun cabinet; otherwise you'll have to pick it to get it open. Inside the cabinet you'll find a nice assortment of guns and ammunition. If you hack into the planetarium terminal, then you'll be able to unlock the western door to the planetarium (#11), assuming it's still locked.

13 - Bed

Besides the bed, you'll also find a Metal Helmet and some 10mm Rounds here.

14 - Radio Relay

This is where you'll need to install the Virgo II Dish (#9).

  1. Entrance to the Museum of Technology.
  2. Doorway between the Atrium and West Wing of the Museum of Technology.
  3. Entrance to the Washington Monument.
  4. Elevator between the two levels of the Washington Monument.