Side Quest: Strictly Business

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When you approach Paradise Falls (#1), you'll be stopped by Grouse. If you're not evil enough or rich enough to just walk into the slaver city, then Grouse will give you this quest to prove your mettle.


Grouse will give you a list of four "assets" that Eulogy Jones (the boss of Paradise Falls) would like to see captured. He'll also give you a Mesmetron, 50 Mesmetron Power Cells, and a Slave Collar, and he'll explain how to use them -- just zap the future slave with the Mesmetron, and then talk to him to convince him to put on the collar. Once the slave is shackled, he'll travel on his own to Paradise Falls, and you'll then just need to return to Grouse to collect your reward (250 caps) plus a new Slave Collar.

The four targets are listed below:
  • Arkansas. You'll find Arkansas on his sniper perch in Minefield (#2). If you've already completed the Landmine Task in the Wasteland Survival Guide quest, then you'll no doubt remember him. Arkansas is tough to sneak up on, so you might need to charge at him to hit him with the Mesmetron. Once you've put him under, you'll be able to steal his Sniper Rifle from him.

  • Flak. You'll find Flak in Rivet City (#3). If you try to capture him in the market, then you'll probably turn everybody in the area against you, including the other merchants, which isn't a good idea. So instead you should follow him around and zap him when he's by himself (such as in the stairwell). Just be sure to save first, because even if you capture Flak in a quiet corner, sometimes Rivet City will still turn against you. Flak won't have anything of interest on him to steal.

  • Red. You'll find Red in Big Town (#4), provided that you rescued her during the side quest Big Trouble in Big Town. Red usually hangs out alone in her clinic, and that's the easiest place to capture her. You'll be able to steal Red's Bandana and Red's Jumpsuit once you've mezzed her.

  • Susan Lancaster. You'll find Susan Lancaster in Tenpenny Tower (#5), provided that you didn't side with the ghouls in the side quest Tenpenny Tower. She'll usually be in her room on the suites level of the tower, and that should be a safe place to capture her. She won't be carrying anything useful to steal.
Capturing any one of the four targets will gain you admittance into Paradise Falls (#1). Capturing all four will complete the quest and earn you 300 experience points.

After completing the quest, you can continue to use the Mesmetron to capture slaves for Grouse. Each new slave that you bring in will net you 250 caps, just like before, but random targets won't respond as well to the Mesmetron as the "VIP" targets from the quest did. Most random targets will just attack you when you try to zap them, and sometimes their heads will explode. If you run out of ammunition, you can always buy 10 more Mesmetron Power Cells from Grouse for 200 caps.

1 - Paradise Falls

2 - Minefield

3 - Rivet City

4 - Big Town

5 - Tenpenny Tower