Wasteland Survival Guide: Chapter 2 (Injuries)
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Main Objective
  • Become seriously injured (lose at least half of your health).

Optional Objective
  • Receive a crippling injury.


You're probably no stranger to getting injured, so this task should be straightforward. The only trick is how to get a crippling injury when you actually want one. The easiest way to do it is to head back to Minefield. If you left any Frag Mines active in the town, then you can just go step on one, and it'll almost certainly cripple a limb if not take care of half your health, too.

If you cleared out Minefield, or if you don't want to do back there, then you might want to consider exploring Washington D.C. You'll encounter lots of super-mutants there, and many of them will have grenades and rocket launchers, and it won't take many explosive hits to cripple some part of your body.

When you return to Moira Brown in Megaton, if you only completed the main objective, then she'll give you two sets of Med-X. If you also completed the optional objective, then she'll add in an Environment Suit. Moira will also restore your health and heal any crippled limbs.

"I even stitched a little smiley-face in you, to keep up your spirits. It's kind of hard to see from your side, through."