Miscellaneous: Behemoths

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There are five super-mutant behemoths in the game. If you kill them all, then you'll earn an achievement. Here's where you can find them:
  • GNR Building Plaza (#1). You'll face this behemoth during the main quest Following in His Footsteps. You should kill it with the Fat Man and Mini Nukes that you'll find at the scene.

  • Evergreen Mills (#2). You'll find the behemoth locked in an electrified cage. You can kill it while it's still in the cage and not take any damage.

  • West of the Jury Street Metro Station (#3), at some crashed train cars and a collapsed tunnel (#4). Near the train cars you'll find a teddy bear in a "cart cage." If you open the cage and take the teddy, then the behemoth will appear slightly east of the tunnel. The easiest way to kill the behemoth is to lay down some mines between its spawn point and the teddy bear, and then lure it over them.

  • Right outside Takoma Industrial, next to the Takoma Motor Auto Shop (#5). To reach Takoma Industrial, you'll need to head through the metro tunnel at Vernon Square East (#6) to arrive at Takoma Park (#7), and then head northeast from there. The behemoth will have a handful of super-mutants helping it out, but if you climb up onto the truck to the northeast of the auto shop, then you'll find a dead mercenary next to a switch there. If you flip the switch then artillery will blast the area with the behemoth, making it easier to kill.

  • The Capitol Building (#8). You'll find the behemoth in the rotunda in the West Entrance. It won't be able to fit through any of the doorways, so you can stand outside in the hallway and shoot it without taking any damage in return. You can also activate the turrets in the rotunda, but they probably won't do a lot of damage before the behemoth destroys them.

1 - GNR Building Plaza

2 - Evergreen Mills

3 - Jury Street Metro Station

4 - Crashed Train Cars

5 - Takoma Industrial

6 - Vernon Square East

7 - Takoma Park

8 - The Capitol Building