Main Quest: Following in His Footsteps

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For this quest you'll need to figure out where your father went, and you should start by asking around in Megaton (#2), which is located to the southeast of Vault 101 (#1). Most of the townspeople there won't know anything about your father, but a few (like Walter, Cromwell, and Manya) will recommend that you talk to Moriarty about him.

You'll find Moriarty in Moriarty's Saloon (on the southern side of Megaton), but you'll quickly discover that he's a sleazy sort who doesn't do anything for free. You'll have two ways of dealing with him to learn about your father.

Method 1: The Direct Route

The easiest way to deal with Moriarty is to simply go up to him and talk to him. If you have a high enough speech skill, then you can convince him to tell you where your father went. You can also purchase the information from him for 100 caps. If you don't have enough caps, then he'll offer you a job. He'll tell you that a junkie named Silver made off with some of his money, and he'll ask you to retrieve it.

You'll find Silver in Springvale (#3). When you talk to her, you'll learn that she owes Moriarty 300 caps. You can get that amount from her (or 400 caps if you pass a speech check), or you can kill her and take 400 caps from her corpse, or you can simply let her go and then come up with the necessary caps some other way. Moriarty won't care how you handle the situation; he'll just expect 100 caps when you return to him, and then he'll provide you with the information you need.

Method 2: The Stealthy Route

If you're nice to Gob (in Moriarty's Saloon) and pass a speech check, then you'll learn that Moriarty keeps all sorts of information on his computer. You'll find the computer in the back room of the saloon, right next to the locked back door. If you have enough points in science and lockpick, then you can just break into the back room when Moriarty isn't around and hack into the computer. On the computer you'll find a file containing information about your father.

If you don't have enough points in science and lockpick, then you'll need to follow a slightly different route. If you're male and have the Lady Killer perk, then Nova (in the saloon) will tell you the password for the computer. If you can sneak, then you can also wait for Moriarty to face the opposite direction (such as when he's sitting at his computer) and steal a key from him. The key will unlock the cabinet next to the computer, where you'll find the password for the computer.

Moving On

Regardless of the method you use, you'll learn two things of importance: that your father went to the Galaxy News Radio building (#5) after visiting Megaton, and that, all evidence to the contrary, you weren't born in Vault 101 (#1). In fact, you'll learn that you traveled to Megaton with your father when you were a baby, and you "met" Moriarty then.

So to continue looking for your father, you'll need to head to the GNR Building Plaza (#5). There are two ways to get there, both starting at the Super-Duper Mart (#4):
  • You can head east across the Potomac River and skirt along the northern edge of Washington D.C. until you get to Friendship Heights (Exit C), and then enter the metro station there and head south until you get to Chevy Chase North (Exit D), and then head south to the GNR building.

  • Or you can enter the metro station at Farragut West (Exit A), move east through the metro system until you reach Tenleytown / Friendship Station (Exit B), and then head south as in the other route.
The first route is longer and more difficult, but it will pit you against super-mutants, so the rewards will be better. The second route is shorter and easier, but you'll face off against ghouls and mole rats, which you've probably seen before.

Regardless of the route you take, when you get close to the GNR Building Plaza (#5), you'll meet up with Sentinel Sarah Lyons of the Brotherhood of Steel. She'll tell you that the GNR building keeps getting attacked by super-mutants, and that she and her team are heading over there to give the defenders some relief.

Sentinel Lyons will then invite you to tag along, and she and her team will start heading south. You'll face lots of super-mutants along the way, but you can either help out or let the Brotherhood of Steel soldiers take care of everything. Eventually you'll make it to the GNR building, and you'll defeat the last of the super-mutants.

Well, almost. After a short respite, a huge super-mutant behemoth will attack the plaza. Supposedly, it's possible to defeat this creature using regular weapons, but it will be able to kill you in one or two hits, and so you'll probably need something stronger. Fortunately, next to the fountain in the plaza you should notice a dead Brotherhood of Steel knight with a Fat Man and eight Mini-Nukes on his corpse. So just equip the Fat Man and then blow away the behemoth. As long as you stay away from the blast radius, and as long as the behemoth focuses on the Brotherhood of Steel soldiers instead of you, you should be able to kill it in a couple of shots, even if your big guns skill is minimal.

After the battle, take the time to loot all of the corpses, including the ones you created on your way to the plaza. The behemoth will have a bunch of random guns and ammunition on it, and you'll also find lots of ammunition and guns on the dead super-mutants and Brotherhood of Steel soldiers in the area.

Note: You'll also find Power Armor on the dead Brotherhood of Steel soldiers, but you won't be able to wear it until later in the game. Since it's very heavy but not very valuable, we'd recommend that you leave it behind.

To enter the GNR building, you'll need to activate the intercom next to the front door. Assuming that you've killed the behemoth already, the Brotherhood of Steel soldiers inside will unlock the door and let you in.

Inside the GNR building, you'll find some bunk beds that you can sleep in (on the ground floor in the northwestern corner), but you won't find much to loot, unless you want to rob the Brotherhood of Steel soldiers. In that case you can pick up lots of 5.56mm Rounds and some other things.

You'll find Three Dog in the studios section of the building, which you can get to by climbing the stairs in the lobby and then heading east. When you reach him, Three Dog will tell you all about the "good fight," and then he'll make you a deal: he'll tell you where your father is if you agree to replace the satellite relay dish in the Washington Monument. Once you've agreed to help, the current quest will come to an end and you'll trigger the Galaxy News Radio quest.

Note: You can also pass a speech check while talking to Three Dog, and convince him to help you without having to perform a task for him first. For that case you'll be able to skip Galaxy News Radio and move right on to Scientific Pursuits.

1 - Vault 101

2 - Megaton

3 - Springvale

4 - Super-Duper Mart

5 - GNR Building Plaza

6 - Terminal / Safe

You'll find a terminal and a safe in the office here. You can open the safe by picking it or by hacking into the computer, but you'll only find some random items inside.

7 - Nuka-Cola Quantum (Upper Level)

You'll find a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum sitting on a bench here.

8 - Dead Mercenary

You'll find a dead mercenary here, with a Laser Rifle, some Frag Mines, and more on (or near) his corpse. You'll also stumble into a possible reason for his death: a glowing one ghoul.

9 - Another Dead Mercenary

You'll find another dead mercenary here, and this one will have a Laser Pistol and more on her corpse. You'll also find some useful things in the nearby shelves, including a first aid box and a copy of Lying, Congressional Style.

10 - Security Terminal

You can use the security terminal here to activate a metro protectron. The protectron will then (eventually) attack anything without a Metro Ticket, including you. You can find Metro Tickets in many of the nearby containers, including the desks to the northwest.

11 - Office (Upper Level)

You'll find a few things of interest inside this office: a naval cot (where you can sleep), a first aid kit, a metro utility gate key (which opens the gate at #12), a safe (containing a Laser Pistol and a copy of Nikola Tesla and You), and more.

12 - Locked Gate (Upper Level)

You can get the key to this gate from the nearby office (#11), but the lock is "very easy," and so you might just want to pick it.

13 - Locked Storage Closet (Lower Level)

You'll have to pick an "average" lock to get the door open, but if you do then inside you'll find three Missiles, two ammunition boxes, a few weapons, and a copy of U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes.

  1. Metro entrance at Farragut West Metro Station.
  2. Door between Farragut West Station and Tenleytown / Friendship Station.
  3. Metro entrance at Friendship Heights.
  4. Metro entrance at Chevy Chase North.


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