Location: Springvale

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You'll find Springvale to be mostly deserted, except for Silver (#5) and an Enclave Eyebot, who will play the Enclave radio station for your listening pleasure. Sometimes you might also encounter a caravan trader or some other people passing through the main road in the town.

In most of the ruined houses you'll find some sort of a container with a few minor prizes inside. We've only marked the best one, a locked safe (#3), on the map.

1 - Mail Drop Box

Inside the drop box you'll find three Frag Grenades, plus some Jet and Psycho.

2 - Mailbox

Inside the mailbox you'll find a copy of Pugilism Illustrated.

3 - Locked Safe

You'll discover a locked safe on the ground here. If you can get it open, then you'll find a random pistol, some ammunition, some drugs, and some caps inside.

4 - Red Rocket Gas Station

5 - Silver's House

When you enter her house, Silver will assume that you're working for Moriarty in Megaton -- which maybe you are. Either way, Silver will tell you that she's in the middle of a dispute with Moriarty, and you'll have a few ways to deal with the situation. You can charge her 300 caps (or 400, if you pass a speech check) and agree to tell Moriarty that she left town. Or you can let her go free without charging her anything (and gain karma). Or you can attack her and then loot her house and her corpse for 400 caps, plus some drugs and more.

6 - Mailbox

Inside the mailbox you'll find a letter from Vault-Tec inviting the Gomez family into Vault 101. Officer Gomez is probably a descendant.

  1. Entrance to Vault 101.
  2. Entrance to Springvale Elementary School.