Location: Vault 108

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1 - Gary 42

You'll find the corpse of Gary 42 here. He's just a sign of things to come.

2 - Crates

Behind the crates you'll find a stepladder with a Nuka-Cola Quantum on top of it. Under the ladder, just visible from the right angle, you might notice a copy of Tumblers Today. However, the only way to get the skill book (without cheating) is to blow it into a more favorable position. To do that, you'll need to place a few mines on the other side of the wall (next to Exit C) and then blow them up with a grenade. The resulting concussion might move the skill book to where you can get it -- or it might not, so save first.

3 - Beds

You'll find beds that you can sleep on all throughout the vault.

4 - Cafeteria (Lower Level)

You'll find a copy of Pugilism Illustrated on the counter here.

5 - Staircase

You can use the staircase to move between the upper and lower levels of the Living Quarters.

6 - Safe (Upper Level)

You'll have to pick an "easy" lock to get the safe open.

7 - Lab

Inside this lab you'll find a safe and a "Cloning Log" holotape.

8 - Main Lab

Inside this lab you'll find several beds, plus a copy of Lying, Congressional Style and the Bobblehead - Charisma doll.

9 - Shelves

You'll find a pair of ammunition boxes in these shelves.

  1. Exit to the wasteland.
  2. Doorway between the Entrance and the Living Quarters.
  3. Doorway between the Entrance and the Cloning Lab.
  4. Doorway between the Living Quarters and the Cloning Lab.