Location: Greener Pastures Disposal Site

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The disposal site isn't exactly as green as its name might imply. You'll find barrels and pools of radioactive waste all over the place, which means that you'll take radiation poisoning the entire time you're there. So you should put on some sort of Radiation Suit and quaff some Rad-X before entering, and then get in and get out as quickly as possible.

1 - Truck

Inside this truck you'll find a dead scientist (wearing a Radiation Suit) and a Big Book of Science.

2 - Office

Inside this office you'll find the Bobblehead - Agility doll, a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum, a first aid box, a workbench, a terminal / safe combination, and more.

3 - Makeshift Shack

Inside this shack you'll find a dead wastelander (wearing another Radiation Suit), plus some meds, a copy of the D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine, and more.