Location: Hubris Comics

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1 - Reception Desk

You'll find the receptionist's terminal (where you can read about Hubris' release schedule, among other things) and a booby-trapped terminal on the desk here, you'll find a copy of Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor on a nearby shelf.

2 - Debris

Piles of desks and file cabinets and shelves will block your way here. You'll have to circle around through the copy room (#4) to get to the Printing map (Exit C).

3 - Beta Testing Office

You'll discover a big hole in the middle of the floor in the office, as well as a staircase off to one side, and so you'll be able to move between two levels here. You won't find anything interesting on the upper level, but down below you'll encounter a ghoul plus two tripwire traps, and you'll find a supply closet in the southwestern corner (filled with several first aid boxes and ammunition boxes).

Also on the lower level you might notice a terminal with the beta release of "Reign of Grelok" on it. "Grelok" is a small, text-based adventure, and if you explore the five-room world and manage to get your rusty sword re-forged, then you'll be able to defeat Grelok in the end and live happily ever after. You won't get anything for playing.

4 - Copy Room

5 - Printing Press Terminal (Upper Level)

If you turn on the printing presses, then they'll start to smoke, but nothing else will happen.

6 - Office (Lower Level)

You'll find two first aid boxes and a publishing terminal here. Using the terminal will allow you to open the door (#7) to the foreman's office (#8).

7 - Locked Door

You'll need to pick the "average" lock or use a nearby computer terminal (#6) to get the door open.

8 - Foreman's Office

This is where you'll find Mad Johnny Wes, Minigun fanatic and trapper extraordinaire. If you can sneak and have a Sniper Rifle, then that's the best combination to use to take him out. Otherwise, you can just hide until you have full action points, and then fire at Johnny and his turrets until everything is dead. The printing press terminal (#5) is a good vantage point for this, since you can hide behind the nearby filing cabinet while you're waiting. You can also just race through the barrage of bullets, open up the door to the office (#7), and then confront everything directly.

Inside the office you'll find a bunch of good stuff. Johnny will have lots of guns, ammunition, drugs, and alcohol on his corpse. Elsewhere you'll find three ammunition boxes, three first aid boxes, a turret control terminal, a copy of Grognak the Barbarian, and a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum.

9 - Turret Control Terminal

10 - Skeleton

Next to the skeleton you'll find three ammunition boxes and a first aid box.

11 - Another Skeleton

At this skeleton you'll find an Assault Rifle, a Stealth Boy, some ammunition, and two first aid boxes.

12 - Skill Book

You'll find a copy of Dean's Electronics on the desk here.

  1. Exits to the wasteland.
  2. Doorways between the Publishing and Utility Tunnels maps.
  3. Elevator between the Publishing and Printing maps.