Location: Red Racer Factory

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The Red Racer Factory has one of those confusing maps with twisting passages and overlapping levels. If you can navigate your way through it, then you'll find three skill books inside (#1, #5, #7), and you'll learn the secret of the Surgeon (#10). To reach the Surgeon in the CEO Offices, you'll need to head north on the Factory Floor and then climb up into the catwalks (#4). If you cross over wood planks, then you're on the right track.

1 - Southern Conveyor Belt Room

On the western side of this room, next to the doorway, you might notice a couple of barrels. If you climb up onto the barrels and then onto the machine feeding the conveyor belt, then you'll find some useful items, including Mentats, a toolbox, and a copy of Dean's Electronics.

2 - Office

Next to a desk in this office you'll find a safe with an "easy" lock.

3 - Cafeteria

You won't find much in the cafeteria other than a working radio and a first aid box behind the counter.

4 - Catwalk Staircases

In these two spots you'll find staircases leading up into the catwalks.

5 - Central Conveyor Belt Room

You can pick up a skill book in this room. To get to it, you'll have to climb up into the catwalks (#4) and then drop down to the area above the eastern doorway to the room (you should notice a stepladder there). In the small alcove where you'll find yourself, you'll be able to loot a copy of the D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine (under a bucket), a toolbox, an ammunition box, and a Sledgehammer.

6 - Office (Upper Level)

Inside this office you'll find another safe with an "easy" lock.

7 - Locked Storage Room

Inside the storage room you'll find a grenade box, two ammunition boxes, a first aid box, a copy of Nikola Tesla and You (on a shelf), and more.

8 - Chip Broadcast Terminal

Elsewhere in the factory (#9) you'll learn that the Surgeon (#10) has been implanting microchips into the brains of ghouls and super-mutants to control their actions (that's why you'll sometimes hear a beep when they die). If you want to, you can use the terminal here to shut down all of the chips, which will kill all of the remaining super-mutants and ghouls in the factory.

9 - Mad Scientist Room

In this room you can hack into a computer terminal and read the Surgeon's notes.

10 - The Surgeon's Laboratory

You'll meet up with the Surgeon here, but he won't want to talk. If he survives long enough, then he'll run over to the cage on the southern side of the room and release a glowing one named Stefan. You'll find the battle much easier if you kill the Surgeon quickly and then shoot Stefan while he's stuck in his cage.

When you loot the Surgeon then you'll find some Missiles, a Missile Launcher, the Surgeon's Lab Coat, a key (which opens Stefan's cage and a couple of safes), and more on his corpse. Elsewhere in the lab you'll find some drugs, some ammunition, and a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum (in Stefan's cage). You can also hack into the lab's terminal to learn more about Stefan.

  1. Exit to the wasteland.
  2. Doorway between the Factory Floor and the CEO Offices.