Location: Vault 106

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Vault 106 is another one of those vaults where Vault-Tec decided to try out a strange experiment on its captive audience. However, even after reading several terminals inside the vault (#1, #2, #12), you'll never really discover what the plan was. You'll just learn that some sort of chemical was added to the air in the vault, and while it was no doubt meant to change the vault populace's behavior in some way, it instead drove them insane.

As you make your way through the vault, you'll encounter several insane survivors, but they'll be very easy to kill (so don't waste any good ammunition on them). After breathing the air in the vault for a while, you'll also begin hallucinating (including seeing your father and other Vault 101 residents), but other than providing some strange and "purple" moments, the hallucinations won't really add anything to the area.

Note: If you read the official strategy guide, then you'll see reference to Makeshift Gas Masks that can protect you from the hallucinogenic gas in the vault. Unfortunately, these masks do not actually appear in the game.

1 - Locked Security Office

Inside the office you'll find a security terminal with "very hard" encryption. If you can hack into it, then you'll uncover an urgent security notice that describes what security officers should do if residents notice "any unusual odor or faint taste to the air."

2 - Overseer's Office (Level 1)

You won't find much in the office, just a first aid box and the overseer's terminal. If you can hack your way past the "very hard" encryption on the terminal, then on it you'll find an urgent preparations report where the overseer will declare that "we are ready and prepared for the worst." Apparently not.

3 - Classroom (Level 1)

You'll find a copy of Nikola Tesla and You in the bottom crate on the teacher's desk.

4 - Science Lab (Level 1)

In the shelf in the back of the lab you'll find a Bobblehead - Science doll.

5 - Staircase

This staircase connects Levels 1 and 2 of the Living Quarters.

6 - Shelves (Level 2)

At the base of the staircase (#5), you'll find some shelves with two first aid boxes, a mine box, a grenade box, three Frag Grenades, and more in them.

7 - Storage Room (Level 2)

You'll find some ammunition in the shelves here.

8 - Hallway (Level 2)

When you reach this hallway you'll begin hallucinating. Everything will appear to be new, and if you go into the adjacent labs, you'll find terminals with notes to yourself. The notes will say things like "relax" and "this place has everything we need." The hallucination will end when you reach the northern side of the hallway.

9 - Staircase

This staircase connects Levels 2 and 3 of the Living Quarters.

10 - Male Dorm Room (Level 3)

You'll find a note labeled "Feel the Love Man" on the desk in this room. In it, a resident will talk about how wonderful the vault is. "I can't remember what I was doing before but man is it great here now."

11 - Locked Dorm Room (Level 3)

You'll find a locked wall safe in this room.

12 - Observation Room (Level 3)

You'll only be able to enter this room via the Science Labs (Exit D). Inside, you'll find a master key and a security terminal. The key will unlock all of the doors in the vault. The terminal will provide instructions on how security officers should handle anybody acting "abnormally" during the scheduled gas release.

13 - Skill Book

You'll find a copy of Tumblers Today on the overturned machinery here.

14 - Survivor

In this room you'll encounter the one and only sane survivor of the vault, but he won't want to talk. He'll attack you, and you'll hallucinate during the battle. Sometimes you'll see the survivor, sometimes you'll see other people, and sometimes the survivor will appear to be stealthed. Regardless, if you shoot everything that moves, it shouldn't take long to complete the battle.

15 - Locked Storage Room

On the shelves here you'll find three ammunition boxes, a first aid box, and a Mini Nuke.

  1. Exit to the wasteland.
  2. Doorway between the Entrance and the Living Quarters.
  3. Doorway between the Living Quarters (Level 2) and the Science Labs.
  4. Doorway between the Science Labs and the Living Quarters (Level 3).