Location: Vault-Tec Headquarters

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Vault-Tec Headquarters is a pretty standard office building -- except for the robot defenders and the mainframe housed in the Administration level (#16). If you can fight your way to the mainframe, then from it you'll discover the locations and access codes for Vaults 87, 92, 101, 106 and 108.

Note: You'll need to find Vault 92 for the side quest Agatha's Song.

1 - Collapsed Staircase

You won't be able to climb the stairs to the upper level, but it's possible to jump from the top step to the upper level, provided that you stand on the far edge of the staircase (which is slightly higher than the near edge). If you jump to the upper level, then you'll be able to access the Administration level (via Exit D) right away rather than fighting your way through the Corporate Offices first.

2 - Dining Area (Upper Level)

You'll find Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor on a table here.

3 - Office (Lower Level)

Inside this office you'll find a first aid box (on some rubble), a safe (on the floor) and a Pre-War Book (on a garbage can).

4 - Stairs

These stairs connect the lower and upper levels of the Corporate Offices.

5 - Shelves (Upper Level)

You'll find a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum in the shelves here.

6 - Office (Upper Level)

If you can navigate around the big hole in the floor of this office, then you'll find a Big Book of Science in the shelves on the far side of the room.

7 - Storage Closet (Upper Level)

You'll encounter yet another big hole just in front of the closet. If you can skirt around it, then inside the closet you'll find two (locked) ammunition boxes, a first aid box, a Stealth Boy, a Laser Pistol, and more.

8 - Office (Lower Level)

Inside this office you'll find a turret control terminal plus System Operation Station 3. You'll need to log into all three SysOp stations to deactivate the masterbrain (#12) and to open the locked door (#15) to the mainframe (#16). The other two SysOp stations can be found on the upper level (#10).

9 - Stairs

These stairs connect the lower and upper levels of the Administration level.

10 - System Operation Stations 1 and 2 (Upper Level)

11 - Office (Upper Level)

You'll discover a Vault-Tec employee terminal here. Although it might seem possible, there isn't any way to purchase a bobblehead doll using the terminal.

12 - Masterbrain (Upper Level)

Somewhere along this corridor you'll encounter the masterbrain, which is controlling the building's automated defense systems. If you kill the masterbrain or if you turn it off using the System Operation Stations (#8 and #10), then you'll still need to find its corpse and destroy its security uplink to shut down the defenses.

But note: You'll only be able to loot the robots that you kill.

13 - Fancy Office (Upper Level)

You'll find a copy of Grognak the Barbarian on the desk here.

14 - Turret Control Terminal (Upper Level)

15 - Mainframe Door (Upper Level)

The only way to unlock this door is by logging into the three System Operation Stations (#8 and #10).

16 - Vault-Tec Mainframe (Upper Level)

Accessing the mainframe will give you the locations and access codes for Vaults 87, 92, 101, 106 and 108.

  1. Exit to the wasteland.
  2. Doorway between Guest Relations and the Corporate Offices.
  3. Doorway between the Corporate Offices and Administration.
  4. Doorway between Administration and Guest Relations.