Location: Old Olney

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Old Olney is a haven for deathclaws. You won't find much at the location (above ground or below ground) other than the difficult opponents, so you might want to delay coming here or skip this location altogether.

1 - Accident Report

On the ground next to the skeleton here you'll find a Nuka-Cola accident report. It'll let you know that there's a crashed Nuka-Cola truck at the Red Rocket gas station east of Old Olney (not shown). You'll find five bottles of Nuka-Cola Quantum on the truck, and in the mail box next to it you'll find a copy of Guns and Bullets.

2 - Alley

In this short alley you'll find an ammunition box and a first aid box.

3 - Combat Shotgun

You'll find a Combat Shotgun lying on the sidewalk here. By pure coincidence, Combat Shotguns are a pretty good choice for dealing with deathclaws.

4 - Maintenance Room

Inside this room you'll find three ammunition boxes, a first aid box, a Utility Worker ID (on the ground next to a skeleton), and a computer terminal. If you hack into the terminal, then you'll be able to activate a maintenance protectron. The protectron will (eventually) go hostile against anything it can't identify, so you'll need to have the ID in your possession if you don't want to fight it. The protectron will fare very badly against deathclaws, but it might take a couple of blows for you.

5 - Safe

6 - Storage Closet

If you can pick open the "very hard" lock on the closet, then inside you'll find an ammunition box, two first aid boxes, and a Mini Nuke.

7 - Workroom

Inside this room you'll find an ammunition box, a first aid box, a Scoped .44 Magnum, and a workbench.

8 - Dormitory

Inside this room you'll find half a dozen makeshift beds, plus a Missile Launcher, a Fat Man, a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum, an ammunition box, and three wall safes.

9 - Corpses

You'll stumble upon a pile of corpses here. On the Brotherhood of Steel initiate's corpse, you'll find Prototype Medic Power Armor, which will talk to you and automatically dispense Med-X to you (from your inventory), provided that you can put it on (you'll need to learn the Power Armor Training perk to wear it).

10 - Skeleton

You'll find a copy of Duck and Cover on the ground next to the skeleton.

  1. Entrance to the sewers. You'll have to drop down into an underground compartment to reach this entrance from the Old Olney side, and so you'll only be able to use it to go from Old Olney to the sewers and not vice versa.
  2. Entrance to the sewers.