Location: The Citadel

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The Citadel (formerly known as the Pentagon) is the home base for the Brotherhood of Steel. You won't be able to enter the structure until you arrive there during the main quest The Waters of Life.

1 - Bailey

You'll usually find brotherhood initiates practicing their weapons in the bailey. During the daytime you'll also find Brother Gunny wandering around out here. After getting permission from Elder Lyons (#7), Gunny will give you the Power Armor Training perk, which will allow you to wear all of the different types of power armor in the game.

2 - The Den

This is the living quarters for the Lyons' Pride. You'll often find Paladin Glade, Paladin Kodiak, Paladin Vargas, and Sentinel Lyons here. In the sleeping area to the east, you can pick up a copy of Guns and Bullets from under the southern bed.

3 - Great Hall

The great hall is where the brotherhood soldiers take their meals. You'll usually meet Knight Captain Dusk and Knight Captain Gallows here. After talking to Gallows, if you ask another soldier about him, you'll learn that Paladin Glade (#2) has set up a pool to learn his real name. If you then beat a speech check with Gallows, he'll tell you that his name is Irving. When you relay this information to Glade, he'll give you 1000 caps.

4 - Library and Archives

You'll find three terminals in this part of the Citadel: a library terminal (where you can learn about a trio of covert projects), a Vault-Tec terminal (where you can learn more about the local vaults, including Vault 101), and a Maxson archive terminal (where you can learn about Roger Maxson, the man who founded the Brotherhood of Steel).

You'll also meet Scribe Jameson here. She's the proctor for the Order of the Quill, and she'll accept Brotherhood of Steel Holotags from you. You can find such tags on dead Brotherhood of Steel soldiers, and you'll also find a set in the Den (#2). For each holotag that you bring Jameson, she'll reward you with 100 caps and 25 experience points.

Note: Scribe Jameson will claim that she'll give you "something a bit more interesting" if you bring her enough holotags, but we've never seen her give anything other than the standard reward.

5 - Hospital

In the hospital you'll meet a robotic doctor named Sawbones. However, if you ask him to heal you, then he'll damage you instead. If you have a high enough science skill, then you can diagnose and fix the robot, and he'll start healing you like he's supposed to. Oddly, the Robotics Expert perk won't help you with the robot.

Also in the hospital you can access a medical terminal and medical storage. Both are green, so they won't cost you any karma, but both also have "very hard" locks, so you'll have to work to get into them. If you hack into the terminal then you'll get to see what robot poetry looks like.

6 - Squire Maxson's Room

You'll usually find Squire Maxson wandering around the B Ring. If you hack into his terminal then you'll learn that he has a crush on Sentinel Lyons (#2).

7 - The Solar

This is where Elder Lyons lives, although you'll usually find him in the laboratory (#8). In the back bedroom you can check out a terminal, a wall safe, and a couple of personal logs. You'll find the unique Laser Pistol Smuggler's End in the safe.

8 - Laboratory

You'll encounter several scribes, including Scribe Jameson, wandering around the laboratory. During the daytime you'll also run into Elder Lyons (on the lower level) and Star Paladin Cross (on the upper level). If your karma is high enough, then Cross will be available as a companion.

9 - Liberty Prime

Liberty Prime is a huge assault robot. You'll get to see it in action before the end of the campaign.

10 - Armory (Lower Level)

You'll need to get permission from Elder Lyons (#8) before Knight Captain Durga will deal with you.

11 - Bathroom (Lower Level)

You'll find a copy of Duck and Cover in a crate in one of the stalls.

12 - Smithy (Upper Level)

You'll usually find Scribe Bowditch in the smithy. He'll repair your equipment. You can also pick up a suit of Power Armor (off the counter) and use a workbench here.

  1. Exit to the wasteland.
  2. Doorway between the A ring and the courtyard.
  3. Doorway between the laboratory and the courtyard.
  4. Doorway between the A ring and the laboratory.
  5. Doorway between the A ring and the B ring.