Location: Nuka-Cola Plant

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1 - Lobby

In the lobby you'll find a first aid box (on the wall behind the counter) and a copy of the Chinese Army: Spec. Ops. Training Manual (in the filing cabinet visible through the ceiling).

2 - Locked Door

To open this door you'll either need to pick its "very hard" lock, or you'll have to circle around to the other side, where you'll find a door switch that will open it.

3 - Soda Bar

You'll find a copy of Dean's Electronics here (on the counter).

4 - Research Terminal Room

You'll find three research terminals in this room. If you browse through their files, you'll learn more about Nuka-Cola Quantum, and you'll discover that Nuka-Cola was planning to release Nuka-Cola Clear when the bombs fell.

Also in the room you might notice a wall safe that requires a key. You'll have to kill Milo (#12), the robotic shipping foreman, to get it. Inside the safe you'll find some RadAway and the formula for Nuka-Cola Clear.

5 - NukaLurk vs. Protectron

In this stairwell you'll encounter a "nukalurk" fighting a protectron. Nukalurks are special versions of mirelurks that sometimes drop Nukalurk Meat when they die. You'll run into several nukalurks in the Mixing and Storage Vats and the Offices. Just aim for their faces when you see them.

6 - Maintenance Room

In this room you'll find a first aid box, an ammunition box, a Laser Pistol with lots of Energy Cells, three Pulse Grenades, an automated maintenance terminal, and a "Welcome to the Nuka-Cola family!" note (on the counter next to the terminal). If you hack into the terminal, then you'll be able to activate a security protectron, which will commence a search for intruders. If you don't have the "family" note, then it will attack you as well as the nukalurks. Either way, it should die pretty quickly.

Note: The "family" note will give you enough information to appease Milo (#12), so you might want to pick it up for that reason as well.

7 - Mixing Vats

You won't find anything in the irradiated mixing vats other than a few nukalurks, so try to move through them as quickly as possible.

8 - Locked Storage Room (Lower Level) / Office (Upper Level)

The storage room is where Milo sticks the people who break the rules in the Nuka-Cola Plant. If you can pick the "hard" lock on its door, then inside you'll find some skeletons, a pair of first aid boxes, and a "help me" note (on the ground next to one of the skeletons).

In the office you'll find a safe, a copy of Lying, Congressional Style, and a marketing terminal.

9 - Stairwell

You can use this stairwell to reach the upper and lower levels of the Offices map, plus the doorway leading to the Factory Floor (Exit D).

10 - Winger Mercier (Upper Level)

On the corpse of the dead winger here you'll find a note labeled "Finding the Formula." If you read it, then you'll discover that somebody hired the winger to steal the formula for Nuka-Cola Clear, and that he was supposed to deliver it to the Red Racer Factory (located in the wasteland to the northeast).

If you pick up the formula (#4), then you'll be able to go to the Red Racer Factory and sell the formula yourself. When you get there, you'll be stopped by Goalie Ledoux, who will offer you 250 caps for it. If you pass a speech check, you'll be able to up that price to 400 caps. Ledoux and his "teammates" are evil, and if you kill them then you'll find Ledoux's Hockey Mask (the best hat in the game, provided you don't mind the look) and more on their corpses.

Note: As of version 1.1, you won't be able to deliver the formula to Ledoux if you've already completed the side quest The Nuka-Cola Challenge. For that case Ledoux will never show up at the Red Racer Factory.

11 - Skill Book (Upper Level)

You'll find a Big Book of Science on the table here.

12 - Milo's Office (Lower Level)

Milo is the plant's robotic shipping foreman. When you approach him, he'll demand to know who you are, and you'll either have to bluff him or use the "family" note from the maintenance room to appease him. (It's also possible that Milo will simply accept that you should be in the plant, and not say much of anything to you.) If you fail three times to convince Milo that you should be in the plant, then he'll attack you.

If Milo likes you, then he'll give you the password for the shipping terminal in the office. However, you might want to kill him anyway. That's because he's also carrying the key to the safe in the research terminal room (#4), and the only way to get it from him is to kill him.

Besides Milo, you'll also find a first aid box, a safe, a copy of Tumblers Today (in the shelf under the safe), and a shipping terminal in the office. If you log into the terminal, then you'll learn that Nuka-Cola Quantum was shipped to the Super-Duper Mart, Old Olney, and Paradise Falls.

13 - Packing Line Terminal (Lower Level)

If you can hack into the packing line terminal, then you'll be able to produce three bottles of Nuka-Cola Quantum. To do so, just select the "Load Quantum into sorting unit" command, and then select the "activate packing line" command. The packing line will jam, but not before rolling out one bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum on each of the three conveyor belts. You'll find the packing line just to the north (#14).

14 - Packing Line (Lower Level)

  1. Exit to the wasteland.
  2. Doorway between the Factory Floor and the Mixing and Storage Vats.
  3. Doorway between the Mixing and Storage Vats and the Offices.
  4. Doorway between the Offices and the Factory Floor.