Location: Little Lamplight

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1 - Front Gate

When you arrive at this gate, you'll be stopped by a kid named Mayor MacCready. He'll tell you that he doesn't trust "mungos" (adults), and so, unless you have the Child at Heart perk or pass a speech check, he won't open the gate for you. For that case, to get inside you'll need to complete the main quest Rescue from Paradise, which will require you to go to Paradise Falls and rescue Sammy, Squirrel, and Penny. Afterwards, MacCready will open the gate for you, and then he'll begin patrolling between the gate and the food court (#3).

Near the gate (or just outside of the caverns) you might run into Sticky, who just celebrated a birthday -- and became too old to live in Little Lamplight. He'll ask you to escort him to Big Town, and he might even give you a Party Hat to sweeten the deal. However, if you take him to Big Town, then you won't get anything in return (not even karma).

2 - Office Building

The "office building" is half school and half medical center. Many of the children will visit the building at some point during the day, but they'll also wander around the caverns, so you might have to do some searching to find them. Some of the regulars in the building include:
  • Bumble. Bumble is the apprentice doctor. If you're friendly with the slavers from Paradise Falls, then you'll be able to kidnap Bumble for them, and Eulogy Jones will reward you with the Boogeyman's Hood.

  • Joseph. Joseph is the schoolteacher. You'll need to talk to him if you want to open the reactor chamber door (Exit D). Joseph can also give you a haircut.

  • Lucy. Lucy is the main doctor for the children. If you ask her how the children survive in the caverns, then she'll tell you about Cave Fungus and how it absorbs radiation, and she'll offer to trade it to you for Buffout -- but only if you get permission from Mayor MacCready (#1) first.
Also in the office building you'll find some beds to sleep on, some ammunition boxes to loot, and a pair of diaries to listen to. The diaries will give you an idea about how the community at Little Lamplight got started.

3 - Food Court

You'll meet Eclair here. If you ask him how the children at Little Lamplight survive, he'll tell you that they sometimes scrape the fungus off the walls and eat it. "It's not so bad when you get used to it." He'll then offer to trade you Cave Fungus for Strange Meat, but only if you can get permission from Mayor MacCready (#1). Otherwise, he'll just sell you some basic food items.

You can also meet Zip and Knock Knock in the food court. Zip has an affection for Nuka-Cola, and once a day, if you give him a bottle, then he'll reward you with a random item. Your reward will depend upon your barter skill, but it'll usually take the form of ammunition or meds. Knock Knock is the keeper of morale (because "moral is better than less-al"). You can tell her a story and hear a joke from her, but that's about it.

4 - Restrooms

5 - Souvenir Shop

Knick Knack will sell you a variety of items at the souvenir shop, including Schematics - Bottlecap Mine. If you have the Child at Heart perk, then you'll get a discount at the shop.

6 - Back Gate

You'll meet Princess here, and you'll learn that some nicknames are more descriptive that others. After talking to Princess, if you find Sammy (who can wander around anywhere, but only after you've rescued him from Paradise Falls), he'll tell you how Princess got her nickname, and then you'll be able to tease her about it.

To get the back gate open, you'll need to ask Mayor MacCready (#1) to allow you into Murder Pass (which might require you to be on the main quest Picking up the Trail). Then he'll open the gate.

7 - Great Chamber

The Great Chamber consists of a confusing network of walkways. You won't find much here, so about the only reason to navigate through this part of Little Lamplight is to make your way to the reactor chamber door (Exit D).

Most of the children of Little Lamplight will come and go from the Great Chamber. The only child who seems to spend most of his time here is Biwwy. If you ask him about being kicked off the scav team, then he'll offer you his Wazer Wifle. If you have the Child at Heart perk, then he'll just give it to you; otherwise he'll sell it to you for 500 caps.

8 - Pool Table

On the pool table you'll find a holotape labeled "January 26, 2077 -- Little Lamplight." It will give you some more background information on how the city got started. Next to the pool table you'll find a bed that you can sleep on.

9 - Workbench

You'll find a bed next to the workbench

  1. Exit to the wasteland.
  2. Door between Lamplight Caverns and the Great Chamber.
  3. Door to Murder Pass.
  4. Door to Vault 87 (Reactor Chamber). To get this door open, you'll first have to talk to Mayor MacCready (#1), and then you'll have to talk to Joseph (#2). This sequence is described in the quest entry for Picking up the Trail.