Location: Deathclaw Sanctuary

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Just outside the entrance to the sanctuary, you'll find a locked footlocker with a copy of Duck and Cover, plus a bunch of guns and ammunition inside. Depending on where you are in the campaign, you might also encounter an Enclave camp on the high ground next to the entrance.

Inside the sanctuary you'll encounter several deathclaws, but you'll only face them one or two at a time, and so you should be able to kill them even if you don't have the best weapons around. If you're playing a low-level character, then you should definitely sneak through the sanctuary to ensure that you always get the first shot at the deathclaws.

1 - Corpse Pile

Next to the corpse pile here, sitting on a half-buried barrel, you'll find a Mini Nuke, a copy of Nikola Tesla and You, and a Bobblehead - Endurance doll. Amid the corpses you'll find a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum.

2 - Corpse Piles

In most of the corpse piles, you'll find one or two corpses that you can loot, but you won't find anything particularly interesting other than a minor selection of guns, ammunition, and drugs.

3 - Rocky Outcropping

Lying on the ground inside of this rocky outcropping you'll find the unique Gatling Laser Vengeance. It's a nice weapon, but you won't find any Gatling Lasers to repair it with until near the end of the game.

4 - Corpse Pile

After completing the main quest The Waters of Life, you'll find the unique Ripper Jack on the corpse of an Enclave officer here.

  1. Exit to the wasteland.