Tutorial Quests: Growing Up in Vault 101

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Organizational Note

This page includes information on the quests "Baby Steps," "Growing Up Fast," and "Future Imperfect."



The first thing you'll see when you're born is your father James (you'll only hear your mother Catharine). James will ask you for your gender and your name, and then he'll move over a "gene projector" so you can see what you'll look like when you're 19. You'll have lots of options for creating your appearance, but don't worry. You'll get an opportunity to change everything later when you eventually leave the vault.

Baby Steps

Time will then advance to your first birthday, where you'll learn how to move around and interact with objects. You won't be able to use your Pip-Boy (you won't get it until later), and you won't be able to switch to the third-person perspective.

After toddling over to James, he'll lock you in the playpen, and then he'll leave the room. You won't be able to do much, so go ahead and just open the playpen door and click on the You're Special book (located on the floor next to the toy chest). Reading the book will allow you to select your starting attribute values. To learn more about the attributes, click here. For some suggested character builds, click here.

Once you've selected your attributes, James will return to the room, and he'll show you Catherine's favorite passage from the Bible, Revelation 21:6. Then he'll escort you out to play with your friend Amata. When you follow him out of the apartment, the quest will come to an end.

Growing Up Fast

This quest will take place in the diner (#1) at your 10th birthday party. After being greeted by James, the Overseer will come over to you and give you a Pip-Boy 3000, and then Amata will give you the skill book Grognak the Barbarian, which will add 1 point to your melee weapons skill. If you don't read the skill book now, then you'll find it in your dresser during the quest Escape.

You'll then have the opportunity to mingle with the guests at your party. Stanley will give you a Kid's Baseball Cap, Old Lady Palmer will give you a Sweetroll, and Andy the robot will destroy your birthday cake while trying to cut it. With no other dessert in sight, Butch will demand your Sweetroll from you, and you'll be given several dialogue options for how to respond to him. It doesn't matter what you say (if you pick a fight with him by mentioning his mother, then officer Gomez will put a stop to it), so just say whatever feels right for your character.

Eventually, James will come up to you and tell you that his assistant Jonas has a present for you, and then he'll open up the door to the diner, allowing you to leave. As you exit the diner, a woman named Beatrice will give you a birthday poem, which will go into the Notes section of your Pip-Boy. "Suffocation! Condemnation!"

Note: The mingling part of the quest is optional. If you don't trigger the Sweetroll confrontation with Butch before James tells you about Jonas, then it won't happen at all.

You'll find Jonas in the reactor room (#2). When you get there, he and James will present you with a BB Gun and 50 BBs, and then they'll show you to a target range that they've set up for you (#3). To advance the quest, you'll need to hit each of the three targets in the target range with your BB Gun. At that point, a radroach will conveniently appear in the target range, and you'll need to kill it, too. If you want to, you can enter VATS to kill it.

Once you've killed the radroach, James will decide that he'd like a picture with his "big game hunter," and when you stand next to him you'll complete the quest.

Future Imperfect

This quest will start on your 16th birthday, on the day when you're supposed to take the Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test (GOAT). You'll begin in the medical clinic (#4), and you'll need to move over to the conference room (#6) to take the test. Along the way you'll run into Butch and his Tunnel Snakes teasing Amata (#5). Just like at your birthday party (#1), your response to the situation won't really change anything as far as the characters and story are concerned, but it will affect your karma.

Note: While in the medical clinic, you'll find the Bobblehead - Medicine doll (which will add 10 points to your medicine skill) on James' desk and you'll be able to browse through files on his computer. The files on the experiments page will give you some hints about things to come, but otherwise the files aren't important. If you forget to pick up the bobblehead doll, it will still be there in the next quest.

When you reach the conference room (#6), you'll just need to talk to Mr. Brotch and then sit down to start the test. You can also complain to Mr. Brotch and skip the test if you really want to, but it's more fun to take it. The GOAT consists of ten multiple choice questions, which will determine the best job for you in the Vault. Your answers will also help the game decide which three skills to tag for you. But don't worry; you can change the tagged skills when you turn in the test, and you'll end up leaving the Vault before your job comes into play, and so you can answer the questions in any way you want without worrying about the repercussions.

After completing the test, you'll just need to turn it in to Mr. Brotch to learn the results. We've seen jobs such as marriage counselor, waste management specialist, and Pip-Boy programmer come up. If you stick around in the room, you can eavesdrop on the other students as they turn in their tests. Among other things, you'll learn that Butch is slated to become a hairdresser. When you're ready to complete the quest, just leave the room.

1 - Diner

2 - Reactor Room

3 - Target Range

4 - Medical Clinic

5 - Amata and the Tunnel Snakes

6 - Conference Room