Wasteland Survival Guide: Chapter 3 (Local History)

For more information on how to reach Rivet City or the Broken Bow, please refer to the Rivet City location entry.

Main Objective

Optional Objectives


When you reach Rivet City, you'll find a few people willing to give you their version of the city's history: Bannon (in the Market), Seagrave Holmes (also in the Market), Belle Bonny (in the Muddy Rudder), and Vera Weatherly (in the Upper Deck). Talking to any of these people will complete the main objective for the task, but Seagraves Holmes is the best choice since he'll also point you towards Pinkerton in the Broken Bow without any prompting (Belle Bonny will tell you the same thing, but you might have to pass a speech check with her).

When you reach Pinkerton, he'll tell you that the city was formed 40 years ago by remnants of the Naval Research Institute, and that he was a member of the first city council. To prove his words, he'll give you a copy of the minutes from the first city council meeting, and that'll be enough to meet whatever optional objectives you might have.

If you return to Moira after only completing the main objective, then she'll give you some Mentats for your efforts. If you also met the optional objective(s), then Moira will tell the Rivet City traders that they're being mentioned favorably in the book, and from now on you'll receive a 10% discount from them. If you wait 24 hours, you can also lie to Moira without ever going to Rivet City, but in that case you won't get credit for the optional objective.