DLC Side Quest: The Amazing Aqua Cura!

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There are a couple of ways to trigger this quest. If you visit the Jefferson Memorial (#1) after completing the quest Take It Back!, and ask Scribe Bigsley why he doesn't just sell Aqua Pura, and pass a speech check or (low) karma check, then he'll tell you that he is selling Aqua Pura to a ghoul named Griffon. You can also get this information by hacking into Bigsley's terminal and reading the log file about Griffon.

The other way to trigger the quest is to travel to the Museum of History (#2). You'll find Griffon there doing his best imitation of a snake oil salesman. He'll be on stage trying to sell his Aqua Cura to the ghouls of Underworld by claiming that it can cure everything from clumsy fingers to hair loss to halitosis. Just talking to him will trigger the quest.


If you got the quest by talking to Griffon, then the first thing you'll need to do is figure out where he's getting his Aqua Pura from. To learn this, you'll first need to buy a bottle of Aqua Cura from Griffon, or pass a speech check and convince him to give you a bottle for free. Once you've picked up a bottle, you'll be able to ask Griffon where it came from, and if you can pass an easy speech check, then he'll tell you that he's buying it from Bigsley. Otherwise you'll have to travel to the Jefferson Memorial (#1) and ask Bigsley, and he'll tell you.

Next, you should notice that the Aqua Cura is irradiated. If you confront Griffon with this information, then he'll deny it, and he'll claim that "your Pipsqueak 2000 or whatever it's called is broken." To prove that something shady is going on, you'll need to figure out where Griffon's bottling operation is located. Griffon won't tell you, but Bigsley at the Jefferson Memorial will.

You'll find the bottling operation in the Museum Authority Building (#3) southwest of the Museum of History (#2). You'll encounter some ghoul guards inside, and they'll attack you on sight. On one of the guard corpses you'll find a note entitled "Griffon's Bottling Instructions," which will detail how Griffon has been replacing Aqua Pura with "treated irradiated water." You'll also find the instructions on a table next to the bathtubs on the bottom level of the building.

Back at the Museum of History, you'll have three ways of dealing with Griffon:
  • You can blackmail him. You'll have two options for this. You can take a one-time payment of 300 caps, or you can demand a weekly cut of the profits (20-50%, depending on your Speech skill). Griffon will make 200-400 caps per week, so if you plan to visit Underworld (#2) frequently, then you'll make more money that way.

  • You can force Griffon to admit his fraud to the audience. After a bit of "explaining," the audience will turn hostile towards him, and they'll eventually kill him. You'll find 200-400 caps on Griffon's corpse.

  • You can force Griffon to sell Aqua Pura instead of Aqua Cura. You won't get any money for this, but if you added the Modified FEV Virus to the purifier during the quest Take It Back!, then eventually Griffon will disappear and sick ghouls will start showing up in the Chop Shop in Underworld.
Regardless of what you decide, you'll receive 100 experience points for completing the quest.

1 - Jefferson Memorial

2 - Museum of History / Underworld

3 - Museum Authority Building