DLC Side Quest: Holy Water

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You'll receive this quest from Scribe Bigsley in the Jefferson Memorial (#1), but only after you've completed the quest Take It Back!, and only if you didn't blow up Megaton (#2) in the quest The Power of the Atom.


Scribe Bigsley will tell you that he's been sending Aqua Pura to Megaton (#2), but that the residents keep insisting that they need more. He'll then ask you to go there and investigate the problem. When you arrive in Megaton, you'll learn (by talking to a settler or by reading a Holy Water Pamphlet or by watching a woman give some water to a beggar) that a group called the Apostles of the Eternal Light has been tainting the Aqua Pura and then handing it out as Holy Water.

You'll find the monastery of the apostles in Springvale (#3). Out front, you'll meet Brother Gerard, who will give you some of the "blessed" Holy Water. To continue the conversation, you'll need to drink it. Then Gerard will tell you about the order, and how it is being led by Mother Curie III. This will cause your quest log to update, and you'll receive a new objective to stop the apostles.

To end the threat, you'll need to enter the monastery. There are a variety of ways to do this. You can steal the Monastery Key from Gerard, you can kill Gerard for the key, you can pick the lock to the monastery, or you can be "baptized" in the "tabernacle" (that is, irradiated in the nearby bathtub) and then return to Gerard, who will give you the key. For the latter approach, if you can pass a speech check, then you'll only need to absorb 200 rads. Otherwise you'll need to absorb 400 rads.

Inside the monastery you'll meet Mother Curie III, who won't really care how you got past Brother Gerard. You'll have a few ways of convincing her to stop tainting the water. You can pass a speech check, you can absorb 800 rads of radiation and then talk to her as the "Prophet of Atom," or you can just kill her. However, be careful if you choose the latter approach, because combat will cause a pair of ghouls called the Sun of Atom (a glowing one) and Atom's Champion (a feral ghoul reaver) to attack you, and the champion in particular is nasty.

After resolving the matter, when you return to Scribe Bigsley (#1), he'll reward you with 300 caps and 100 experience points.

1 - Jefferson Memorial

2 - Megaton

3 - Springvale