DLC Main Quest: Who Dares Wins (Part 1)

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Quest Note

This quest covers a lot of territory, and so we've split it into two parts. This part covers the metro tunnels leading up to Adams Air Force Base.


After completing the quest Shock Value, when you talk to Paladin Tristan again (in the Citadel A Ring), he'll tell you that the encrypted information you downloaded during the quest Death from Above has revealed an Enclave stronghold at Adams Air Force Base. Tristan will then ask you to infiltrate the base while the rest of the Brotherhood distracts its defenders.

Note: Adams Air Force Base is a fictional location based on Andrews Air Force Base, which is located in Prince George's County, Maryland.

To reach Adams Air Force Base, you'll have to travel through some metro tunnels, starting with the Utility tunnels located near the crater that used to be the White House. There are a variety of metro stations close to the tunnels, including Metro Central, Penn. Ave. North, Penn. Ave. South, and Penn. Ave. Northwest, so just pick whichever one you have available and fast travel to it. The grate to the tunnels can be tough to spot, but a Brotherhood of Steel soldier will be loitering right next to it (along with a grenade box and a first aid box), and so you can just look for her.

As you make your way through the metro tunnels, you'll have to battle security robots, Enclave soldiers, and ghouls (including feral ghoul reavers), and you might even work with a computer named Margot (#5). But eventually you'll arrive at Adams Air Force Base (via Exit F), where you'll be able to complete Part 2 of this quest.

1 - Utility Room

Inside this room you'll find a workbench, a first aid box, and a copy of Pugilism Illustrated (on a counter).

2 - Motorcycle Stunt Gone Bad

3 - Supplies

On a counter here you'll find a bunch of Pulse Grenades and Microfusion Cells. You'll also find a first aid box on the ground nearby.

4 - Metro Car

Inside the metro car you'll discover a skeleton and a suitcase. On top of the suitcase you'll find Senate Employee ID, which you can use to identify yourself with Margot (#5).

5 - Margot

Margot is the computer in charge of the metro system. She'll ask you to identify yourself, and if you can't (or don't want to) comply, then she'll turn on the alarms, and the security robots in the Presidential Metro will turn hostile. You can use speech, science, or a Senate Employee ID (#4) to convince Margot that you belong in the metro system.

If you decide to work with Margot, then she'll tell you about a breach in the Presidential Metro, and she'll ask you to take care of it. The breach consists of a bunch of feral ghouls, including some feral ghoul reavers, and if you kill them with the support of Margot's security robots, then Margot will send one of the robots to fix the power supply in the metro system, which will allow you to travel on to the Adams AFB Metro Exit (via the metro car at Exit F).

If you decide not to cooperate with Margot, then you'll need to kill the security robots and the reavers while they attack each other. Eventually you'll come to a Presidential Metro Sentinel Unit (near #8), and when you kill it you'll find a Main Fuse on its remains. When you insert the fuse into the power box (#9), you'll restore power to the metro system, and you'll be able to take the metro car (at Exit F) to the Adams AFB Metro Exit.

6 - Office

Inside this office you'll find a first aid box, some Frag Grenades, a Laser Rifle, and a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum.

7 - Holotape

On the bench here you'll find a holotape labeled "Sorry, May Darling." If you listen to it, then you'll hear a woman ask you to deliver the tape to her lover at the hotel La Maison Beauregard, located in between Georgetown East and Georgetown South.

Inside the hotel, you'll run into a raider named Lag-Bolt (Lug-Nut's brother, who you might remember from Marigold Station), and he'll immediately attack you with a Heavy Incinerator. When you kill Lag-Bolt, you'll find some useful items on his corpse, including Lag-Bolt's Combat Armor, Lag-Bolt's Shades, and Lag-Bolt's Suitcase Key. Inside the suitcase (located on a pool table next to three Missiles and a Mini Nuke) you'll find All-Nighter Nightwear.

Note: If you explore the hotel then you'll also find a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum (in a shelf behind the bar) and a copy of U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes (on the floor behind the reception desk).

8 - Office

You'll find a first aid box and an ammunition box inside the office.

9 - Power Box

10 - Turret Control Terminal

On the table next to the terminal you'll find a Laser Rifle, some Pulse Grenades, and some Microfusion Cells.

  1. Exit to the wasteland (White House Plaza).
  2. Exit to the wasteland (White House). You won't actually find the White House here -- just a crater. If climb the stairs in the crater, then you'll stumble upon some good loot: three Mini Nukes and a Fat Man.
  3. Doorway between Utility and the Presidential Sub Level.
  4. Doorway between the Presidential Sub Level and the Presidential Metro. This doorway will start out locked with a "hard" lock. You can pick it if you want, but Margot (#5) will open it when you talk to her.
  5. Doorway to the Capitol Building.
  6. Metro Car between the Presidential Metro and the Adams AFB Metro Exit.
  7. Exit to Adams Air Force Base.