DLC Quest: Aiding the Outcasts

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Shortly after leaving Vault 101 (or shortly after downloading and installing the DLC), you should pick up a distress call from some Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts. The message (which you can listen to using the Radio part of your Pip-Boy) will only play once: "This is a high priority message. Backup is needed at our location. Any personnel listening on this frequency please report at once." Receiving the message will trigger the quest.


The message won't give you any clue about where you're supposed to go, but if you select this quest in your Pip-Boy, then you'll be shown directions to the Outcast Outpost. To get there, you'll have to travel through Bailey's Crossroads Metro, which is located south of the Red Racer Factory.

When you exit the metro system, you'll stumble into a battle between Outcasts and super-mutants. You won't have to help out -- in fact, it might be better not to since if you hit some Outcasts during the confusion, then they'll turn on you. So just follow along to the southwest until the fighting is over.

Eventually (#4), you should run into Defender Morrill. Regardless of what you say to him, he'll notice the Pip-Boy on your wrist, and he'll decide that you should be allowed inside the outpost (Exit C). When you get inside, you'll meet up with Defender Sibley, who will oh-so-politely request that you follow him. He'll take you to Protector McGraw (#10).

McGraw will explain the situation to you. The outpost contains a locked armory (#7), but the only way to get into it is to beat a "hyper-realistic military training simulation," where if you die in the simulation then you'll also die in real life. The reason the Outcasts need you is because the interface for the simulation requires a computer like your Pip-Boy.

After talking to McGraw, you'll be led to Specialist Olin (#9), who will give you a Neural Interface Suit. When you put on the suit and get into the VR pod, the quest will end, and you'll earn 100 experience points.

1 - Escalator

You can use the escalator to move between the two levels of the metro station.

2 - Target Range (Lower Level)

At this spot you'll find a first aid box, an ammunition box, a BB Gun, and some BBs.

3 - Camp (Lower Level)

At this spot you'll find a bed, lots of cigarettes, a Sawed-Off Shotgun, and some Shotgun Shells.

4 - Defender Morrill

5 - Stairs

These stairs connect the two levels of the Outcast Outpost.

6 - Sleeping Quarters (Upper Level)

You'll find a bed here, plus a gun cabinet and more.

7 - Armory

You won't be able to loot the armory until you've completed the VR simulation.

8 - Clinic

You'll find one of the Gary clones from Vault 108 lying on the floor here. Notice that he's missing an arm. He probably had a Pip-Boy and the extraction didn't go very well. You'll also find a couple of first aid boxes and some other meds in the room.

9 - VR Room

10 - Command Room

This is where you'll meet Protector McGraw. Inside the room you'll also find a Combat Shotgun and some Shotgun Shells, a pair of first aid boxes, and a research terminal, which you can hack into to learn more about the VR simulation.

  1. Exit to the wasteland.
  2. Doorway between Bailey's Crossroads Metro and Bailey's Crossroads.
  3. Elevator between Bailey's Crossroads and the Outcast Outpost.