DLC Quest: The Guns of Anchorage

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When you enter the simulation, you'll meet up with Sergeant Benjamin Montgomery on a rocky outcropping (#1). He'll give you your briefing for this quest. You'll need to infiltrate the Chinese base, either "quiet or guns blazing," and then meet up with Montgomery (#5) to blow up three artillery guns (#12). And you'll need to be careful, too, because "the Reds up here don't take prisoners." Then Montgomery will start climbing up the cliff (where you can't follow), and you'll be on your own.

You'll start out with some armor, plus a Trench Knife and a Silenced 10mm Pistol with 48 10mm Rounds. That's not a lot of firepower, but don't worry; your equipment won't wear out, and you'll find more equipment as you progress through the quest, including health dispensers (H) and ammunition dispensers (U), which will remove the need for carefully doling out Stimpaks and looting corpses for bullets (corpses will flicker out anyway).

For the most part, the combat should be pretty easy. You'll only face one or two enemies at a time, and they'll go down quickly even against your Trench Knife and Silenced 10mm Pistol. This won't change much when you rendezvous with Montgomery (#5) -- you'll have to deal with some enemies in fixed defensive positions, but that's about it -- and so you won't have to worry about being stealthy or subtle. You can just run and gun.

While you're exploring, you'll find some silver intel cases (#6, #7, #9, #10). If you find all ten of these cases during the course of the simulation, then at the end you'll gain the Covert Ops perk, which will add three points to your lockpick, science, and small guns skills.

Eventually you'll make your way to the Chinese Artillery Outpost (Exit A). This building has perhaps the worst map ever included in a game, and so you'll have to feel your way around. But basically, you'll just need to head north, keeping an eye out for locked doors containing intel cases (#9, #10). You'll know you're getting close to the exit when you encounter stealthed "dragoon" soldiers. You'll be facing a lot of these guys in the future.

When you exit the Chinese Artillery Outpost you'll find yourself in the Artillery Outlook, where the three artillery guns are located (#12). You won't uncover any intel cases in this region, so just gun down your opposition and then set the three charges. After the third charge goes off, you'll be teleported to General Chase's command tent, where you'll earn 100 experience points and the quest will come to an end.

Note: Be careful when placing the charges on the artillery guns. The explosions have a wide area of effect, and if you're standing too close then you'll get killed.

H - Health Dispenser

Health dispensers completely replenish your health, and you can use them as many times as you'd like, even when you're in the middle of a battle.

U - Ammunition Dispenser

Besides replenishing your ammunition supplies, you'll also usually find grenades and other useful items at ammunition dispensers.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Sniper Rifle

3 - Chinese Assault Rifle

4 - Stealth Boy

You'll find a Stealth Boy on the roof of the building here. Use the broken walkway to get up to it.

5 - Cave Outpost

You'll have to enter (#5) and exit (#5a) the cave outpost while navigating your way around the Anchorage Cliffs. Inside the outpost you'll find a health dispenser, an ammunition dispenser, a Chinese Assault Rifle, and a Gauss Rifle. The Gauss Rifle is sort of like the energy weapon equivalent of the Sniper Rifle, except that you'll have to reload it after every shot.

You'll also meet up with Sergeant Montgomery inside the outpost, and he'll stay with you for the remainder of the quest. Montgomery will never run out of ammunition, and he can't be killed.

6 - Field Storage

If you can manage to beat the "very easy" lock on the door, then inside the storage facility you'll find a Chinese terminal, a holotape labeled "Bombardment," and an intel case.

7 - Field Storage

Just like with the other storage facility (#6), you'll have to pick a "very easy" lock to get the door open. Inside you'll find another intel case plus a holotape labeled "Goodbye."

8 - Cave Passage

If you enter (#8) and exit (#8a) the cave passage, then you'll be able to approach the artillery outpost (Exit A) from the side, rather than straight into the teeth of its defensive structures. You'll just face a single Chinese soldier inside.

9 - Locked Room

If you climb the stairs at the entrance to the outpost and then follow the hallways, you'll pass by this locked room, which is easy to miss. Inside, if you can pick a "very easy" lock, then you'll find a Stealth Boy, a holotape labeled "Invasion," and an intel case.

10 - Locked Room

To get into this room, you'll either need to pick the "very easy" lock on the door or hack into a "very easy" terminal. Inside you'll find an American terminal and an intel case.

11 - Locked Room

This is yet another locked room with yet another "very easy" lock. Ho hum. Inside you'll find a holotape labeled "Overrun."

12 - Artillery Guns

  1. Entrance to the Chinese Artillery Outpost. When you go through the door, it will close and lock behind you, and you won't be able to return to the Anchorage Cliffs.
  2. Doorway between the Chinese Artillery Outpost and the Artillery Overlook. This is another one-way exit.