DLC Main Quest: Thought Control

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You'll receive this quest at the end of Hearing Voices.


When you return to Desmond at Calvert Mansion (#1), he'll inform you that the holographic brain belongs to Professor Calvert, an "old rival" of his. He'll then give you a Cogwave Jammer and ask you to install it in the ferris wheel at the boardwalk (#2). With the jammer in place, Calvert won't be able to communicate with the tribals.

However, when you approach the ferris wheel, Calvert will begin talking to you telepathically, and he'll ask you to destroy the Cogwave Jammer by placing it in a nearby trash compactor. That means you'll finally have to make a decision. Will you support Desmond or Professor Calvert? Sadly, it doesn't really make much of a difference.

Supporting Desmond

If you decide to support Desmond, then you should install the jammer into the ferris wheel. When you do that, several tribals will attack you (including a few from the rooftops), and all of the tribals at the cathedral (#3) will turn hostile. Then when you return to Calvert Mansion (#1), it will explode, and you'll earn 300 experience points.

Supporting Professor Calvert

If you decide to support Professor Calvert, then you should toss the jammer into the trash compactor (located slightly southeast of the ferris wheel). Calvert will be thrilled with your decision, and he'll ask you to return to Calvert Mansion (#1). When you get there, the mansion will explode, and you'll earn 300 experience points.

Note: Regardless of you choice, you should explore the panic room beneath the ruins of Calvert Mansion (you might need to use the local map to find the entrance). You'll find lots of supplies inside. You'll also find a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum.

1 - Calvert Mansion

2 - Ferris Wheel / Trash Compactor

3 - Cathedral