DLC Extra: Alien Captive Recorded Logs
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During the course of the DLC, you'll find up to 25 alien captive recorded logs, which will give you an idea of what happens when humans meet up with aliens. If you find all 25 of these logs, then you'll earn the Alien Archivist achievement.

Listed below is where you can find the logs:
  1. Holding Cells (western side)
  2. Cryo Lab (southern experiment room)
  3. Holding Cells (western side)
  4. Cryo Lab (storage room near entrance)
  5. Engineering Core (cryo room)
  6. Engineering Core (cryo room)
  7. Engineering Core (cryo room)
  8. Engineering Core (cryo room)
  9. Experimentation Lab (abomination lab)
  10. Experimentation Lab (central chamber)
  11. Cryo Lab (autopsy room)
  12. Holding Cells (western side)
  13. Research Lab (western chamber)
  14. Holding Cells (eastern side)
  15. Holding Cells (eastern side)
  16. Cryo Storage (southwestern corner)
  17. Cryo Lab (autopsy room)
  18. Biological Research (northern side)
  19. Waste Disposal (in ambush room by door)
  20. Experimentation Lab (northern chamber)
  21. Research Lab (central chamber)
  22. Holding Cells (eastern side)
  23. The Living Quarters (western chamber)
  24. Weapons Lab (southern chamber)
  25. Cryo Storage (near entrance)