DLC Quest: Operation: Anchorage

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This quest will begin right where the previous quest left off. You'll start in the command tent (#1) and Sergeant Montgomery will start in the center of the camp. Montgomery will join you again (for most of the quest), but you'll need to talk to him first. You won't be able to replenish your strike team, but lots of soldiers will help you during the assault.

Your goal for this quest is to turn off the pulse field (#4) and then storm the Chinese headquarters building (#6). Getting to the pulse field will involve making your way through some trenches and ruined buildings. You'll only face regular enemy soldiers during this trek, and so they shouldn't pose much of a problem. Plus, you'll receive lots of help from random American soldiers, and they'll do a lot of the work for you.

When you turn off the pulse field (#4) at the generator building (#5), several T-51b heavy infantry soldiers will advance on the headquarters building (#6) and take out the outer defenses. When you follow them inside, you'll be stopped by General Jingwei (right after he murders an allied soldier). Jingwei will brag about the Chinese army, but if you beat a speech check, then he'll decide to kill himself, and that's how the simulation will end.

If you have to fight Jingwei, then you're in for some trouble. Despite not wearing any armor, and only having a sword, Jingwei is tough, and he'll take a lot of abuse before going down. For sure take some Psycho before fighting him, and you should also be careful what you're shooting at. If Jingwei keeps moving around, and you accidentally hit some of your allies, then they'll start attacking you as well, and you won't win if you're fighting everybody in the compound. Obviously, a close-quarters weapon is best against Jingwei, but if you don't have anything else, then use the Gauss Rifle. When Jingwei dies, the simulation will end.

Back with the Outcasts

After completing the simulation, when you return to real space, you'll be allowed to open the armory at the Outcast outpost (by logging into the terminal next to the door). Inside the armory you'll find a Gauss Rifle, Jingwei's Shocksword, a Trench Knife, a Mini Nuke, Chinese Stealth Armor, Winterized T-51b Power Armor, a Winterized T-51b Power Helmet, and more. If you have trouble picking up all of the items you want, be sure to drop the Neural Interface Suit, since you won't need it any longer.

Besides giving you access to some good loot, entering the armory will do two other things. It will complete the quest, and it will cause some of the Outcasts, led by Defender Sibley, to mutiny. They'll attack you, Protector McGraw, and Specialist Olin. If McGraw survives, then he'll thank you for your help and call you the "next best thing" to an Outcast. If Olin survives, then she'll offer to repair your gear.

Note: Completing this quest will also give you the Power Armor Training perk, and so you'll be able to use the Winterized T-51b Power Armor (not to mention the Outcast Power Armor) right away if you want to.

H - Health Dispenser

U - Ammunition Dispenser

1 - Command Tent

2 - Intel Case

3 - Chinese Terminal

You can learn more about the pulse field (#4) here.

4 - Pulse Field

5 - Pulse Field Generator Building

The switch that controls the pulse field (#4) is red, so it should be easy to spot. You'll also find an intel case here.

6 - Chinese Headquarters

This is where you'll face General Jingwei.