DLC Main Quest: Hearing Voices

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You'll receive this quest at the end of Walking with Spirits.


When you enter the cathedral (#1) and talk to the tribals, you'll learn that their leader is named Jackson, but that "only the worthy may enter his nexus of meditation." However, when you talk to Nadine, she'll reveal that she followed Jackson one time, and that she knows where he can be found -- in some sort of cave beneath the cathedral, which can be entered via the Wrecked Seatub to the east (#2). Nadine will even give you the Sea Cave Key, which will give you access to the seatub.

Nadine will also tell you what really happened to you during your trip to the sacred bog (#3). While you were passed out, someone cut open your head and stole a bit of your brain! If you remove your helmet, then you'll even see a scar on your character. If you don't like the scar, then you can ask Nadine to remove it.

Note: Nadine will also mention that she has a suspicion about who the "surgeon" is, and she'll offer to tell you about it in a couple of days at the riverboat (#4). When you visit her there, she'll reveal that the culprit is Tobar the Ferryman, who she's locked up in the engine room. If you check in on him there, then he'll attack you and probably die quickly. You'll also find a "familiar piece of brain" in the engine room, but picking it up won't do anything.

Another Note: With Tobar out of the picture, Nadine will take over the riverboat and let you travel on it for free. If you then return to the D.C. wasteland and talk to Catharine (Nadine's mother, who you might remember from the start of the DLC), then she'll thank you for tracking down her daughter, and she'll reward you with 10 Refined Punga Fruit and 300 caps.

With knowledge about the tribal's leader, the quest will update and you'll receive an objective to inform Desmond about what you've learned (#5). However, this step is optional. If you actually travel to Desmond, then he'll just berate you for checking in with him so often.

When you go through the wrecked seatub (#2), you'll find yourself in a sea cave. You'll have to fight a few mirelurks and swamplurks as you follow the path through the cave, but eventually you'll come to Jackson. He'll be talking to a holographic image of a brain, and you'll learn that the brain is leading the tribals, not Jackson.

When you talk to the brain yourself, you'll learn that it's been sending the tribals after Desmond because Desmond has some sort of jamming device that is limiting where the brain can project itself. The brain will then make it known that it would like the jammer destroyed and Desmond dead, but it won't actually ask you to do anything (yet). At the end of the conversation, you'll receive 300 experience points.

Note: To quickly leave the sea cave, just look for the ladder at the base of the rise where you spoke to the brain. The ladder will take you back to the cathedral (#1).

1 - Cathedral

2 - Wrecked Seatub

3 - Sacred Bog

4 - Riverboat

5 - Calvert Mansion