DLC Quest: Unsafe Working Conditions

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This quest will kick in when you enter the Downtown part of the Pitt. Depending on what you said to the guards outside, you might find yourself a little woozy, with Midea helping you to your feet, or you might start out clear-headed but by yourself. Either way, you'll need to travel to Midea's quarters to the north (#3), because that's the only place where you'll be able to talk to her without the slavers listening in.

When you talk to Midea (#3), she'll tell you that she has a plan to get you into Ashur's (the slaver leader's) palace, but that for the time being you'll need to "blend in" and "look busy." To that end she'll give you a job -- to collect ten Steel Ingots (I) from the Steelyard. However, she'll warn you that you'll need to be careful of the trogs roaming around in that area, and she'll recommend that you talk to Marco (#10) and pick up one of his homemade Auto Axes.

Steel Ingots

On your way to the Steelyard, you'll meet up with Everett (#11), the slaver responsible for Steel Ingots. He'll lead you through the Abandoned Area to the Steelyard, and he'll wish you luck. Later, after you've collected enough ingots, you should return to Everett to turn them in. The first ten that you give him will complete Midea's quest objective, but after that, every time you give Everett ten more ingots, he'll reward you with a unique item (see #11 for details).

There are 100 Steel Ingots (I) available in the DLC. You'll find 79 in the Steelyard, 18 in the Supply Plant, and three in the Abandoned Area (but note: the three ingots in the Abandoned Area will only become available after you've visited the Steelyard). Steel Ingots are silver and shiny, so they should be easy to spot, but you'll have to explore carefully and wander over roofs and across pipes and rummage through dumpsters to collect them all.

After turning in ten Steel Ingots, when you return to Midea (#3), she'll update you on the rest of her plan. She'll tell you that Ashur intends to open up the arena, and when he does, you should sign up. "You fight. You win. And when you talk to Ashur, you take the cure." Pretty simple, eh?

The Arena

When you leave Midea's quarters, Ashur will make his announcement about the arena, and Midea will volunteer you to take part. To actually sign up, you'll need to travel to the Mill (via Exit C), go through the gate that had been locked previously (#7), and then talk to Faydra (#29).

Faydra will explain the rules -- or lack of rules -- to you. "It's pretty simple. When the gates open, you fight. The last one standing wins." You can bring any weapons or armor you want into the arena, and, if you don't have much, Faydra will allow you to take some low-level weapons from a nearby locker.

You'll have to survive three bouts in the Hole (#30) to complete the arena challenge. These fights are described below:
  • Three slave fighters. The slaves will have guns, and they'll only attack you (not each other), but they won't have much in the way of armor, and so any sort of Auto Axe will chew them right up.

  • The Bear Brothers. John Bear will use a Deathclaw Gauntlet and Grudd Bear will use a Flamer. For some reason Auto Axes don't work very well against enemies with melee weapons, and so it's a good idea to switch to a gun for this battle.

  • Gruber. Gruber will have an Infiltrator (which does less damage than an Assault Rifle), so he should be a total pushover to beat. Just crank up your Auto Axe and slice him up.
You'll absorb a lot of radiation while you're in the Hole, but Faydra will cure you after each bout. That means it's perfectly safe to use the water fountain next to Faydra to heal your wounds. The radiation from the water fountain will barely make a dent compared to what you'll absorb in the Hole.

After completing the three arena bouts, a slaver named Krenshaw will stop you outside of the Hole, and he'll invite you to meet with Ashur. This conversation will complete the quest.

I - Steel Ingots

You'll find Steel Ingots at the specially marked places on the map (I), plus at other locations, usually next to dead slaves (#12, #15-20, #26-28, Exit D).

1 - Nola

Nola is a slave, but she'll heal you up if you talk to her.

2 - Kai

Kai will serve you Slop for free, but we wouldn't recommend eating it. In the room next to Kai you'll find a couple of beds that you can sleep on.

3 - Midea's Quarters

You'll find a bed both inside and outside Midea's quarters.

4 - Engine Block

You'll find some medical supplies inside the engine block.

5 - Milly

Wandering around Downtown you'll meet a slave named Milly. She'll ask you to look for Wild Bill, a friend of hers who was last seen in the Steelyard. Unfortunately, you'll only find Wild Bill's corpse (#16). If you return to Milly and tell her the truth, or lie and convince her that Bill is still alive, then she'll reward you with six Stimpaks. If you lie and exaggerate the final moments of Bill's life, then Milly will faint and drop a single Stimpak, but she won't give you a reward.

6 - Adan

Adan will offer you some words of wisdom, but that's about it. Next to him, you'll find a broken hydrant containing some medical supplies.

7 - Gate

You won't be able to go through this gate until you've completed the first half of the quest.

8 - Brand / Ammo Press Terminal

Brand is an informant for the slavers. If you pass a speech check with him, then you'll be able to provide him with some information about Wernher and Midea (#3). Each time you tell Brand something, you'll gain two Stimpaks but you'll lose some karma. Ratting out the slaves won't affect anything in the DLC.

The ammo press is a handy machine that will allow you to convert one type of ammunition into another. You'll only receive permission to use the press at the end of the DLC, but at that point you'll be able to place certain types of ammo or Scrap Metal into the materials bin (located just to the west of the ammo press terminal) and then use the terminal to select which type of ammunition you'd like to convert it into. The press can only deal with 5mm Rounds, 5.56mm Rounds, .308 Caliber Rounds, .32 Caliber Rounds, .44 Magnum Rounds, and Shotgun Shells, and the process isn't exactly efficient, but it will give you a use for the ammunition that you otherwise wouldn't have a need for.

9 - Injured Slave

You'll find an injured slave lying on the ground here. You'll have two options with him: to treat his wounds or to end his suffering. You won't get much of a response either way, and if the slave survives your encounter, then a slaver guard will eventually come over and kill him anyway.

10 - Marco

If you ask Marco for a weapon, then he'll give you an Auto Axe. Auto Axes are sort of like chainsaws. Just keep the attack button pressed and move the axe into your enemies, and watch the body parts fly.

After talking to Marco and learning about his Auto Axes, you'll be able to rat him out to Brand (#8).

11 - Everett's Office

Everett is the slaver responsible for Steel Ingots. The first time that you meet him, he'll lead you out to the Steelyard (via Exit D) and explain what you'll need to do. Later, he'll accept Steel Ingots from you, and for every ten that you give him, he'll reward you with a prize. The prizes are (in order):
  1. Laborer Outfit
  2. Filtration Helmet
  3. Steel Knuckles
  4. Metal Master Armor
  5. Metal Blaster plus 96 Microfusion Cells
  6. Bombshell Armor
  7. Leather Rebel
  8. The Mauler
  9. Perforator plus 96 5.56mm Rounds
  10. Tribal Power Armor
Note: Turning in all 100 Steel Ingots will also earn you the Mill Worker achievement.

Another Note: Even if you side with the slaves for the final quest, Everett will never turn hostile, and so you'll be able to turn in Steel Ingots at any time.

12 - Dead Slave

You'll stumble upon the corpse of a slave here. On or near the corpse you'll find an Assault Rifle, lots of 5.56mm Rounds, and two Steel Ingots.

13 - Slave and Trog

At this spot you'll encounter a slave trying to talk to a trog. "Billy, it's me, your brother John-John. You remember me, don't you, Billy?" The conversation won't go very well for the slave, but nothing will come of the encounter, even if you keep the slave alive.

14 - Automated Maintenance Terminal

If you can get past the "hard" encryption on the terminal, then you'll be able to use the terminal to activate four security protectrons, who will then patrol around the Steelyard, killing any trogs that they come across. Since trogs will keep spawning in the Steelyard, it's a good idea to activate the protectrons just to save yourself some ammunition and weapon wear.

15 - Dead Raider

On or near the dead raider you'll find an Assault Rifle, two ammunition boxes, Gamma Shield Armor, and three Steel Ingots.

Note: It's safe to change into the Gamma Shield Armor. Once you've entered the Pitt, you can wear whatever armor you want, and nobody will notice.

16 - Wild Bill's Corpse

On or near the corpse you'll find Wild Bill's Sidearm and two Steel Ingots. You'll also find a Note from Wild Bill, in which he'll apologize to Milly (#5). If you report Wild Bill's demise to Milly, then she'll reward you with some Stimpaks.

17 - Wildman Camp

After defeating the two wildmen here, if you search their camp then you'll find two ammunition boxes, two mine boxes, a grenade box, a first aid box, two Steel Ingots, and a few beds that you can sleep on.

18 - Slave Corpse

Next to this corpse you'll find two first aid boxes and four Steel Ingots.

19 - Wildman Stash

If you follow the catwalk east from the wildman camp (#17) and climb up as high as you can, then you'll eventually reach this spot, where you'll find two first aid boxes and a dozen Steel Ingots. A little lower from this spot, you'll also find a "bridge" that can take you to the other side of the Steelyard. If you cross the bridge then you'll find seven more ingots at its eastern end.

20 - Slave Corpse

The corpse here can be difficult to reach. To get to it, you should start at the slave corpse far to the west (#18), then head south as far as you can go, then head east to the edge of the building, then drop down to the roof with air conditioning units on it (this will cause you some damage, so be prepared), then drop down to a catwalk, and then head east to the corpse.

Next to the corpse you'll find an Auto Axe and four Steel Ingots. Looting the ingots will cause three trogs to spawn on the catwalk behind you, so immediately equip the axe (or some other trog-friendly weapon) and take them down.

21 - Locked Door

This door will start out locked. To open it, you'll need to make your way to the opposite (northern) side and activate the electrical switch there.

22 - Turret Control Terminal

23 - Fleeing Wildmen

When you reach this spot in the Supply Plant, you'll witness a pair of wildmen fleeing from several trogs. Unless you really want to fight the trogs yourself, the easiest way to deal with them is to activate the turret (via #22) and let it do most of the work.

You'll also find a terminal here, and it will give you some background information about the plant.

24 - Office (Upper Level)

Inside the office you'll find an ammunition box, a first aid box, and a turret control terminal.

25 - Bed (Lower Level)

Next to the bed you'll find an Assault Rifle and a tripwire. The tripwire will trigger a grenade trap just to the west. You probably won't be able to use the bed right away because of the trogs on the upper level.

26 - Medical Supplies (Lower Level) / Bedroom (Upper Level)

On the lower level you'll find a shelf here containing a grenade box, two first aid boxes, some Rad-X, and some RadAway. Just to the south of the shelf you'll also find a maintenance terminal. If you can hack your way past the "average" encryption on the terminal, then you'll be able to activate a security protectron, which will then patrol the plant and kill trogs.

On the upper level, you'll find a bedroom of sorts at this spot. You'll be able to sleep in the beds in the bedroom, and you'll also find some Flamer Fuel, the unique Auto Axe Man Opener (on the queen sized bed), and a Steel Ingot (on the desk).

27 - Corpse Pile

On or near the corpses here you'll find a Flamer plus some Flamer Fuel. You'll also find no less than eight Steel Ingots.

28 - Locked Closet

If you can get past the "average" lock on the door, then inside the closet you'll find lots of meds (including a first aid box), lots of .32 Caliber Rounds, six Steel Ingots, and a terminal. The files on the terminal will give you more background information on the plant.

29 - Faydra (Lower Level)

Faydra is the arena master. You'll need to talk to her before and after each bout. She'll cure your radiation poisoning, so feel free to use the water fountain next to her to heal your wounds.

30 - The Hole (Lower Level)

This is where you'll fight in the arena.

  1. Exit from the Pitt.
  2. Doorway to Uptown. You won't be able to access Uptown until the next quest.
  3. Doorway between Downtown and the Mill.
  4. Doorway to the Abandoned Area. The Abandoned Area is just a small zone that connects the Mill and the Steelyard. After visiting the Steelyard, a trog will break through one of the fences in the area. You'll have to kill the trog, but because of its actions, you'll be able to explore the southern part of the area, where you'll find three Steel Ingots in a mine cart.
  5. Entrance to the Supply Plant.
  6. Grate to the Pitt Underground. You won't be able to go through the grate until the next quest.