DLC Quest: Free Labor

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This quest will start up once you've defeated all of the opponents in the arena. At that point, a slaver named Krenshaw will come up to you and invite you to speak with Ashur (#3), but before going anywhere you should loot the footlocker in the room. That's where you'll find all of the equipment that was stripped from you when you arrived at the Pitt.

When you reach Ashur (#3), he'll seem to know all about Wernher and why you're in the Pitt, but he'll try to recruit you to his side. However, before you can give him an answer, he'll be called away (the slaves will start revolting), and you'll be left on your own.

Note: If you attack Ashur or any of the other raiders, then that's the same as siding with the slaves, and you'll have to follow their path through the quest. If you kill Ashur (now or later), then you'll find Ashur's Power Armor on his corpse.

When you enter the lab (#5), you'll find Sandra there with a baby named Marie, and you'll quickly learn that Sandra is Ashur's wife and Marie is his daughter. You'll also learn that Marie is the cure because she "was born with a naturally acquired immunity to any form of mutation."

This is where you'll have to make your decision about who you want to support. If you decide to go with the slaves, then you'll need to kidnap Marie from her crib (which can happen automatically during your conversation with Sandra; Marie will show up as a Baby in your miscellaneous inventory). If you decide to throw in with Ashur and the slavers, then you'll need to leave Haven without the baby.

Note: If you kidnap Marie, then as long as you don't talk to Sandra afterwards, she won't turn hostile, and you won't need to kill her.

Siding with the Slavers

The first thing you'll need to do for the slavers is learn Wernher's location. That means you'll need to head to Midea's quarters (in Downtown) so you can ask her. You'll have to fight several slaves along the way, but you'll have raiders helping you out, and so the battles shouldn't be overly difficult. Plus, the raiders won't react negatively if you "accidentally" kill a few of them, too, so feel free to do some extra hunting to pick up additional meds and ammunition.

When you reach Midea, she won't be too happy with your decision. "Your petty sentimentality has doomed us to continued slavery and pestilence. Thanks." If you can beat a speech check or have the Child at Heart perk, then Midea will simply tell you where Wernher is. Otherwise you'll only learn the information from a note that she's carrying, which you'll have to steal from her or kill her to get.

You'll find Wernher in his hideout in the southwestern part of the Steelyard. Wernher will be just as happy to see you as Midea was, with roughly the same results. If you can't convince him to cooperate and leave peaceably, then you'll have to kill him. Wernher, with his merc armor and a 10mm Submachine Gun, shouldn't be too difficult to dispatch. The only useful thing you'll find on Wernher's corpse is the Power Plant Key, which will allow you to use the Steelyard entrance into the Pitt Underground (Exit F). If Wernher leaves, then you'll find the key on a desk in the hideout.

Note: The Pitt Underground is optional for this branch of the quest.

Finally, you'll just need to return to Ashur, who you'll find back where you first met him in Haven (#3). Talking to him will complete the quest.

Siding with the Slaves

For this case, the first thing that you'll need to do is deliver Marie to Midea in her quarters in Downtown. You'll face a lot of raiders during this trip, and the slaves might not give you much support, so proceed carefully. However, if the battles are easy for you, then feel free to kill the slaves as well as the raiders. The slaves won't hold it against you, and you'll be able to pick up a few extra Auto Axes this way.

When you arrive in Midea's quarters, Midea will ask you to show her the baby, but she won't want to keep it. Instead, she'll direct you to take the baby to Wernher in his hideout. You'll find the hideout in the southwestern part of the Steelyard, next to a wildman camp.

When you reach Wernher, he'll accept the baby from you, but he'll tell you that there's still one more part left to his plan. He'll ask you to cut the power to the floodlights in Uptown, so the trogs will attack it and kill all of the slavers living there. If you don't like this plan, then you might be able to reverse course at this point (provided you didn't kill Ashur or Sandra), but to do that you'll have to kill Wernher now and then return the baby to Ashur and Sandra. If you agree to the plan, then Wernher will give you a Stealth Boy and the Power Plant Key, and you'll be able to use the key to get into the Pitt Underground (via Exit F in the northern part of the Steelyard).

Note: If you have the Black Widow perk, then you can also seduce Wernher into giving you 120 5.56mm Rounds.

You won't find much in the Pitt Underground other than a bunch of trogs to kill. But eventually you'll come to the Uptown floodlight controls (#8), and you'll be able to switch off the floodlights. Of course, with the floodlights off, a couple dozen trogs will descend upon Uptown, and so you'll have to do some fighting as you make your way to Downtown. If Ashur or Sandra is still alive, then they'll confront you in Uptown as well. If you don't really want to fight any more trogs, then just kill the enemies near you and fast travel to Downtown instead of walking there.

You'll meet up with Wernher in Downtown just outside of Midea's quarters, and talking to him will complete the quest.


Regardless of which side you support, you'll gain two things at the end of the quest: permission to use the ammo press in the Mill, and the Booster Shot perk, which will increase your radiation resistance by 10%. The only real reward difference between the two sides is if you kill the slaves, then you'll find several Auto Axes, which you might want to stash for repair purposes. The raiders will only drop regular weapons, and so their loot isn't as exciting.

After completing the quest, you'll still be able to do two things. If you haven't yet found all of the Steel Ingots in the Steelyard, then you can continue to hunt for them and turn them in to Everett in the Mill. Everett always stays neutral during the fighting, so he'll still be alive. You can also visit Sandra (#5) or Midea (in her quarters Downtown) and turn in Teddy Bears for Marie. You'll receive 30 caps for each bear.

1 - Raider Quarters

You'll find a bunch of raiders living in the ruined buildings and catwalks here. Only a few of them will say anything interesting to you:
  • Lulu will give you some food.
  • Phantom will give you some RadAway.
  • If you got beaten up and robbed by Reddup when you first entered the Pitt, then you'll be able to demand a rematch with him now and kill him without any of the other raiders caring.
  • If you go through the doorway to Downtown (Exit B) and explore the (previously inaccessible) catwalks there, then you'll meet Friday, who will sell you weapons and armor and repair your gear.
  • Also in Downtown, if you climb up to the roof of one of the buildings, then you'll find Harris running a "bar and grill" there. He'll sell you booze, drugs, and food.

2 - Abandoned Apartments

The abandoned apartments are optional. You'll encounter several trogs if you go inside, but you won't find much to loot other than three bottles of Nuka-Cola Quantum (two on the ground floor near a Nuka-Cola lamp, and the third on a counter on the top floor), a Hat of the People (in a safe in the locked bedroom on the middle floor), three Chinese Assault Rifles (in the room with the hat), and a few first aid and ammunition boxes.

3 - Ashur

4 - Ashur's Bedroom

You'll find a safe and a turret control terminal in the bedroom. You won't be able to use the terminal until after you've spoken to Ashur (#3). Inside the safe you'll find four diaries that will help explain who Ashur is and what his motivations are.

5 - Lab

This is where you'll first meet Sandra and Marie.

6 - Protected Skeleton

If you follow the red arrows on the floor, then you'll come to a skeleton next to a toilet. Each of the traffic cones near the skeleton hides a Frag Mine, but even if you disarm everything successfully (by grabbing the cones and moving them out of the way first), you won't find anything on the skeleton or in the toilet.

7 - Security Protectron (Upper Level)

If you flip the electrical switch here, then you'll activate a security protectron, who will then patrol around the area killing trogs. Of course, by the time you get to this point all of the trogs will probably be dead.

8 - Uptown Floodlight Controls

9 - Entry Room

You'll find two first aid boxes, a workbench, and a bed in this room. You might also notice a staircase, but the hatch covering it will only open once you've turned off the Uptown floodlights (#8).

  1. Exit to the Mill.
  2. Exit to Downtown.
  3. Doorway between Uptown and Haven Entrance.
  4. Elevator between Haven Entrance and Haven.
  5. Entrance to the Pitt Underground (Uptown).
  6. Entrance to the Pitt Underground (Steelyard).