DLC Quest: Into the Pitt

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After installing the DLC, at some point while you're wandering around in the wasteland, you should receive a radio broadcast from somebody named Wernher. Just like in Operation: Anchorage, it'll be a distress call, and it'll direct you to a radio tower far to the north (#3). If you've been exploring the wasteland, then the easiest way to get there is to head north from SatCom Array NN-03d (#1). Otherwise, you'll have to make the trek from some other landmark, such as Paradise Falls (#2).

Note: Also like in Operation: Anchorage, the DLC does not have a level requirement, so you can receive Wernher's broadcast at any time after leaving Vault 101 for the first time.


When you reach the radio tower (#3), you'll find Wernher being attacked by some Pitt raiders. Wernher can't be killed, so you don't have to worry about protecting him, or even joining in the fighting if you don't want to.

After the battle, Wernher will tell you about the Pitt, a slaver city far to the northwest. He'll call it a "nightmare," and he'll describe how the city contaminates its residents, mutating them in some way. "Some are just sick, some are... worse." Then Wernher will divulge his plan. He'll tell you that the slavers have a cure for the mutations, but if the slaves were to steal it, then the slavers wouldn't have any choice but to free them.

At the end of the conversation, Wernher will suggest that you enter the Pitt wearing a slave disguise, so that you can move around freely when you get there, and he'll point you towards a slaver camp to the west (#4). The slaver camp is also the entrance to the Pitt, so even if you don't want to pretend to be a slave, that's where you should head next.

Note: You'll get more dialogue options at the slaver camp if you tell Wernher that you think the disguise is a good idea.

The slavers at the camp will start out friendly towards you. That will give you a choice: to buy the slaves from the slavers for 600 caps, or to kill slavers and then free the slaves afterwards. You can also just ignore the slaves and the slavers completely, and head right to the metro tunnel behind their camp.

Depending on how you deal with the slavers, Wernher might show up at the slaver camp, or you might not see him until you reach the tunnel. Either way, you'll just need to activate the hand cart in the tunnel to travel to the Pitt. But be forewarned: this is a one-way trip. You won't be able to use the hand cart to return to the D.C. Wasteland until you've completed the DLC.

When you arrive at the outskirts to the Pitt (#5), you'll be met by some Pitt raiders. Wernher will take charge of the confrontation, and he'll shoot a raider in the head. That will cause the rest of the raiders to open fire on you, but raiders are raiders, regardless of where they're from, and so the battle shouldn't be too difficult.

Once you've dispatched the raiders and looted their corpses, Wernher will head north to a gate (#6). When you catch up to him there, he'll tell you that this is as far as he's going, and that the rest is up to you. Then he'll once again encourage you to use a disguise, and he'll suggest that you talk to a slave named Midea when you reach the city. Finally, if you ask Wernher about sneaking a weapon past the guards, he'll offer you a Concealed .32 Pistol or a Concealed Switchblade. The item that you select will go into your miscellaneous inventory tab for now, but then when you enter the city it will turn into an actual weapon.

To get to the front gate of the Pitt (#11), you'll have to pass by a wildman camp (#7) and cross a bridge (#8). The wildmen won't notice you unless you go right up to them, and so you can avoid them if you want. You'll find the bridge to be covered in landmines, so you should either proceed slowly and disarm the mines as you go, or just run across the bridge as quickly as possible so that all of the mines blow up behind you.

When you reach the front gate to the Pitt (#11), you'll find three guards there. There are three ways that you can deal with the guards, but your choice won't make much of a difference:
  • You can claim to be a slave (even if you don't have a disguise), and the guards will believe you. They'll confiscate all of your gear, but they'll let you pass into the city.

  • You can try to join the slavers. The guards at the gate will pretend that they're interested, but when you go into the city, you'll be beaten and robbed, and you'll be transformed into a slave.

  • You can kill the guards at the front gate and pick up their Infiltrators, but then when you enter the city, you'll be beaten and robbed, and you'll be transformed into a slave.
Regardless, entering the city will complete the quest.

Note: You'll get your equipment back at the end of the next quest.

1 - SatCom Array NN-03d

2 - Paradise Falls

3 - Radio Tower

This is where you'll first meet Wernher. You'll also find a bed here.

4 - Train Tunnel

You'll find a slaver camp just outside of the train tunnel here. A slaver named Ramsey will drop the key to the slave pen, provided that you decide not to spend the caps to buy the slaves.

5 - Hand Cart

After completing the DLC, this hard cart will allow you to return to the D.C. Wasteland.

6 - Gate

This gate will start out locked, and only Wernher will be able to open it. If Wernher refuses to walk up to it (and, in fact, keeps shooting a dead raider), that means you've missed one or more of the raiders, and you'll need to kill them first.

7 - Wildman Camp

Besides a trio of wildmen, you'll also find a few beds and a first aid box inside the camp.

8 - Bridge

As you cross the bridge, you'll have to deal with Frag Mines, wild dogs, and even a sniper. So tread carefully.

9 - Fleeing Slaves

After crossing the bridge (#8), you'll witness some slaves fleeing from the Pitt -- right into some landmines. You'll find slave clothes on each of their corpses, so if you didn't pick up a disguise in the D.C. Wasteland (#4), you can get one here.

10 - Small Camp

You'll find a bed here that you can sleep on.

11 - Front Gate

You'll encounter three Pitt raiders at the front gate. If you kill them, then you'll find Infiltrators on their corpses. We suspect that the locked "footlocker" here is where your equipment goes when you're stripped down by the raiders.

  1. Entrance to the Pitt (Downtown).