Overview: Taipei
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When you arrive in Taipei, you'll find yourself in a crappy little apartment, with none of the amenities that you might be used to. However, when you talk to Mina, she'll recommend that you take a shower, and if you follow her instructions then you'll end up in the real safehouse, where you'll find everything that you'd expect.

Your goal in Taipei is to prevent President Richard Sung from being assassinated. After contacting Hong Shi and Steven Heck, you'll end up with three available missions: Assault Triad Headquarters in Slums (to gain the assistance of Hong Shi), Investigate Warehouse District Data Trail (to see how the warehouse connects to Al-Samad), and Retrieve NSB Data from Grand Hotel (to learn more about Richard Sung's enemies). After completing those missions, you'll need to complete Intercept Assassination Plans, which will allow you to meet with Richard Sung and then attempt to prevent his assassination in Stop Omen Deng at Memorial Rally.

While you're in Taipei, you'll get to interact with "super-agent" Steven Heck and photojournalist Scarlet Lake, and they'll even help you with some of the missions. Heck responds well to aggressive and suave stances, while Scarlet responds well to professional and suave stances. Scarlet is a possible romance option in the game, so be sure to pick up some reputation points with her when you talk to her.

You can complete the missions in this portion of the campaign in any order that you'd like. Just be sure to meet with Steven Heck first. If you go on other missions before contacting him, then you'll lose two reputation points during your first conversation with him.