Romance Guide
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There are four women in the game who can be romanced: Madison Saint James, Mina Tang, Scarlet Lake and SIE. You won't need to do anything tricky to gain the favor of these women -- just generate a positive reputation with them, and avoid saying or doing anything that will drive them away. If you manage to romance all four women, then you'll gain the Ladies' Man perk, which will net you AP +5.

Madison Saint James

Location: Rome

Reacts Well To: Professional, Suave

Reacts Badly To: Aggressive

Madison Saint James tends to be impressed by "spy attitudes," which is why professional tones work well. Picking professional in your first communication with her will have her impressed as you send her a cab. When coming back from your first mission with her in the safehouse, shrug off your wounds to impress her.

Whenever Madison makes an offer, acknowledge it and be grateful. Also, accept her offer to bandage you (it won't actually happen, but you'll still earn a reputation bonus), and take her as your handler for Marburg's villa. The latter will result in you losing a point of reputation with Mina (which you should be able to absorb easily), but you'll gain a point of reputation with Madison, plus more bonuses if you're encouraging and grateful towards her.

After one mission, Madison will go to sleep in your bedroom. After the next mission, if your reputation is 3 or higher, then you should go to her and wake her up. If you're suave (or even professional) during the ensuing conversation, then you'll trigger the romance scene, and you'll earn the Rome-ance perk, which will give you Endurance +5.

Note: If you decide not to wake up Madison, then you'll gain the Gentleman perk instead, but you'll lose out on the Ladies' Man perk.

Mina Tang

Location: Everywhere

Reacts Well To: Professional, Suave

Reacts Badly To: Aggressive

Mina Tang is available throughout the entire game, and it is thus easy to achieve and maintain a positive reputation with her, as long as you're trying. During the opening mission, remember that her name is Mina, be professional, complete her extra training course, and compliment her when talking to Westridge. When communicating with her throughout the game, always pick the professional stance, except when she initiates flirting, and then respond with the suave stance.

Do not flirt with other women (Madison, Scarlet) or acknowledge an interest in them while Mina is on the communicator, specifically when first getting in touch with Madison and when having the four-way conversation in the hotel in Taipei. Avoid killing any marines, CIA agents or civilian guards; knocking them out is fine.

Once you hit a reputation of 10, Mina will send you an email with a sexual double-entendre. Opt for the reply noting that she needs to cut the hints and the two of you need to discuss your sexual tension. Mina will respond that the two of you will resolve it later.

Keep your reputation high. Mina will be at your safehouse in the last of the three areas you resolve after the very last mission. Interrupt and kiss her during the conversation, and you should trigger the romance scene if your reputation didn't drop to mediocre. For romancing Mina, you'll gain the Office Romance perk, which will give you Endurance +5.

Scarlet Lake

Location: Saudi Arabia, Taipei, Alpha Protocol

Reacts Well To: Professional, Suave

Reacts Badly To: Aggressive

Scarlet Lake can be much more difficult to read than the other ladies, and you'll have to get a bit more creative in dialogue with her. When you first meet her on the airplane, flirt with her in the very first option, tell her that you work for Halbech, and don't choose the "friendly" option at the end of the conversation.

The most reliable way to increase your reputation with Scarlet is to forward all the Halbech secrets you uncover via email to her. Each one will net you one reputation point. In Taipei, keep a professional tone with her. In the hotel, open with an inspiring speech, and when giving her instructions be professional.

In the final section of the campaign, one of the missions will always be to meet with Scarlet to give her the evidence you have on Halbech. If your reputation is low, then you'll meet in a public place. If it is high enough, then you'll meet her in her own apartment. When Scarlet asks you to admit who you are, be honest, and you should be able to access the romance scene (staying the night). Lying at that point will lock off the option. For successfully romancing Scarlet, you'll earn the Exclusive Interview perk, which will net you Endurance +5.


Location: Moscow, Alpha Protocol

Reacts Well To: Aggressive

Reacts Badly To: Suave

While SIE is not featured in Rome, your actions there will impact her attitude. This is one of the easiest romances to mess up: if you sacrifice Madison to stop Marburg, this will give you a reputation boost with SIE. But if you save Madison, this will hurt your reputation. What's more: if you do Rome before Moscow (or have anything but a strong positive reputation with SIE), saving Madison will lock off your romance option with SIE. Only if she already likes you strongly will she accept your saving Madison, but it'll still hurt your reputation.

When encountering SIE during the Leningradski train mission, be blunt, bluff your way through questions (do not be honest), but agree to work with her. Do not hurt her soldiers doing the mission. Be aggressive when you meet her afterwards. Feel free to attack her; it will give you a reputation boost. Stay aggressive in replying to her emails.

Doing Leningradski well and stopping Marburg is enough to give you 6 points of reputation with SIE, which is enough to unlock her romance. If you're not that far yet, it's possible to select SIE to be your handler in Marburg's and/or Brayko's villa. Brayko's villa in particular will give you a hefty boost to your reputation if you opt to save her (not saving her removes her from the game, obviously).

Take SIE as your handler in the final mission. She will arrive to untie you; if your reputation is high enough, then simply flirt with her to unlock the romance scene. Successfully romancing SIE will earn you the Savage Love perk, which give you reduced cooldowns for Fury, Room Sweep, Iron Will, and Hard to Kill.