Mission: Bug CIA Listening Post

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  • Dossier information on the CIA. Purchasing this intel will expand your dossier on the United States international intelligence agency.

  • Reduced infiltration difficulty. An insider will sell you information that will aid you in hacking and sabotaging CIA computers and electronics.

    Purchasing this intel will make it easier to hack the computers inside the listening post.


In this mission you'll need to infiltrate a CIA listening post and deal with several CIA agents. If you complete the mission without killing or knocking out any of the agents, then you'll receive the Under the Radar perk. If you complete the mission and at worst knock out some of the agents, then you'll receive the Professional Courtesy perk. If you kill any of the agents, then you'll receive the Necessary Roughness perk. Killing agents will also cause you to lose reputation with Mina.

Note: If you load your game during the mission, then it's likely that one or more disabled agents will suddenly reappear. So try to avoid loading if you can.

Another Note: Some of the computers (like the ones at #5 and #7) can be tough to hack -- even if you purchased the "reduced infiltration difficulty" intel -- so be sure to bring some EMP Charges with you.

You'll begin the mission in the basement of the listening post (#1). You'll find one or two CIA agents on each floor of the building, making it pretty easy to kill or disable them, but still tough to sneak past them. You'll only need to do two things while you're in the listening post -- install a backdoor onto one of the computers on the second floor (#6), and download the intel database from a computer on the third floor (#13). To reach the intel database, you'll need to tamper with an air conditioning duct (#12) to get the agents to open up the door to the room that it's in (#11).

Once you've completed your two objectives, you'll need to escape the listening post by making it through the front door (#14). A new agent will show up in the lobby to make this more difficult, but whatever strategy you used to get to this point in the mission will probably work with him as well.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Circuit Board (Basement)

If you tamper with this circuit board, then you'll complete the objective "Cut Video Feed," which will lure a CIA agent away from the lobby and down into the basement. However, despite what the game says, tampering with the circuit board won't affect the cameras in the listening post.

3 - Halbech Data (Second Floor)

Picking up this data will give you the "Big Excavation" email when you return to your safehouse.

4 - Briefcase (Second Floor)

If you pick up this briefcase, then you'll receive $4700 and dossier information on Conrad Marburg.

5 - Computer (Second Floor)

If you hack this computer, then you'll deactivate the camera on the third floor and complete the "Distract Operatives" objective. You'll also gain $3500. This is a difficult computer to hack.

6 - Computer (Second Floor)

Hacking this computer will complete the "Install Backdoor" objective. "Listening in on the listening post -- got to love this job."

7 - Computer (Third Floor)

If you hack this computer, then you'll gain dossier information on Jibril Al-Bara. This is a very difficult computer to hack.

8 - Storage Room (Third Floor)

In this room you'll find a random armor mod, a random box of ammunition, and a Silencer Mk3. If you already purchased a Silencer Mk3, then the one from the storage room will disappear when you pick it up.

9 - Files (Third Floor)

If you pick up the files here, then you'll gain $6500 and dossier information on Mina.

10 - Email Computer (Third Floor)

Hacking this computer will allow you to read a pair of emails. You'll also gain $2000.

11 - Operations Room Door (Third Floor)

12 - Air Conditioning Duct (Third Floor)

13 - Computer (Third Floor)

If you hack this computer, then you'll complete the "Download Intel Database" objective. You'll also be allowed to read a few emails on the computer, some of which might reference a few of your past exploits (such as the mission Intercept Surkov at US Embassy).

14 - Front Door (Main Floor)