Mission: Assault Brayko's Mansion

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  • Being on Heck's good side is occasionally helpful. Like when you need someone to deliver a giant supply of spiked cocaine to the fortified mansion of a paranoid mobster.

    Note: You don't actually need to be on Heck's good side to get this intel to appear. You just need to have met him already (by playing at least part of the Taipei portion of the campaign).

    Purchasing this intel will presumably make the battle against Brayko (#16) easier, but we couldn't tell the difference.

  • Dossier information on Brayko. Purchasing this intel will expand your dossier on the criminal kingpin Konstantin Brayko.

    Note: This intel will only be available if you're on good terms with Grigori.

  • Dossier information on the Russian Mob. Purchasing this intel will expand your dossier on the ruthless thugs who work for Brayko.

  • Mission map for the mansion. For a small fee, a surveillance company will provide you with a detailed map of Brayko's mansion.

    This intel will show you the locations of computers and security features inside the mansion.


Your co-handler from the mission Intercept Surkov at US Embassy will be your co-handler for this mission as well. And depending on who that person is, you'll enter Brayko's compound in one of two ways. With SIE you'll ram the gates (#1) with an assault vehicle, and you'll then get to use the vehicle's machine gun to blow away several guards as you make your way to the central courtyard. With Albatross, you'll sneak into the compound (#2), and then you'll use a zip-line to reach the central courtyard.

From the central courtyard, you'll first need to enter the building to the east. Inside, after a lengthy arcade ambush (#5), you'll find Brayko's computer in his bedroom (#8), and hacking it will open a nearby door (#8a), allowing you to continue on. When you exit the building (to the north of the central courtyard), Mina will get in touch with you, and she'll let you know that your co-handler is currently being tortured by Brayko. You'll then have to make a choice -- to rescue your co-handler, or to go after the missile data. If you choose the data, then you'll lose a point of reputation with Mina. If you're a veteran or have a technical aptitude of at least 8, then you'll be able to ask Mina to infiltrate the mansion's security systems and delay Brayko for a while, which will give you enough time to reach both objectives instead of just one, and so you won't have to choose.

Secure Missile Data

For this objective, you'll need to reach Brayko's vault (#12), which is located in the eastern building, past a locked door (#10) that you weren't allowed to interact with before. Next to the vault you'll find a computer (#11), and hacking it will open the vault door. Inside the vault, you'll find $4500, some ammunition, a random mod, and the missile data locked in a safe. However, when you secure the missile data, four guards will spawn and come looking for you.

Rescue Co-Handler

You'll find your co-handler in the guest house (#13), located on the western side of the central courtyard. You'll have to deal with four guards inside the guest house, and they'll all be staring at the front door, so you probably won't be able to sneak past them unless you have Shadow Operative and Evasion. Once you've dealt with the guards, when you talk to your co-handler, you'll have to make a choice. If you free him / her, then you'll gain a point of reputation plus the No One Left Behind perk. If you leave him / her, then you'll lose 2 points of reputation. If you kill him / her, then you'll gain the Cull the Weak perk.

Confront Brayko

After securing the missile data or rescuing your co-handler (or both), you'll finally be able to confront Brayko. You'll find him in the ballroom located to the south of the central courtyard (#16). The fight against Brayko will alternate between two phases. In the first phase Brayko will fire at you using a pair of laser-sighted SMGs. He won't be too dangerous during this phase, but sometimes he'll summon help and you'll have to deal with a handful of guards as well. However, in the second phase, Brayko will snort some cocaine, and he'll become much more dangerous. He'll charge at you and try to engage you in melee combat, and your best strategy for this is simply to avoid him (running away if you have to, or using Shadow Operative to hide). The "Heck" intel will supposedly make the second phase easier, but we couldn't tell the difference.

Once you've done enough damage to Brayko, he'll surrender, and you'll have to decide what to do with him:
  • You can kill Brayko. This will net you Brayko's SMGs, which are worth $25,000.

  • You can come to an understanding with Brayko. This will net you $75,000 and Brayko's sound system (which you'll find next to one of the couches in your safehouse).

  • You can allow Brayko to escape with no strings attached.
If you talk to Brayko at the end of the encounter, then you'll learn that Surkov is Halbech's true contact, and that he was just setting Brayko up. This will result in you receiving the mission Prevent Surkov's Escape. Otherwise, this mission will end the Moscow portion of the campaign. Regardless, you should receive a perk at the end of this mission -- either Seasoned, Experienced, or World Traveler, depending on where you are in the campaign.

1 - Starting Point (SIE)

2 - Starting Point (Albatross)

You'll find a sniper rifle here, which will make it easier to defeat the guards in the central courtyard below.

3 - Safe

Inside this safe you'll find dossier information on Surkov.

4 - Safe

Inside this safe you'll find $5000.

5 - Arcade Ambush

When you enter the arcade, the door will close and lock behind you, and you'll have to defeat all of the guards inside to escape.

6 - Random Mods

You'll find several mods inside Brayko's mansion.

7 - Halbech Data

You'll find some Halbech data here, which will give you the "EU Market Manipulation" email when you return to your safehouse.

8 - Brayko's Computer

Hacking this computer (#8) will net you $3000, plus open up a nearby secret door (#8a).

9 - Safe

Inside this safe you'll find $4000.

10 - Locked Door

You'll only be allowed to bypass this door if you're working on the "Access Vault" objective (to secure the missile data).

11 - Computers

You'll find a pair of computers here. One will allow you to enter Brayko's Vault (#12). The other will net you $2000 and Championchik's secret dossier fact.

12 - Brayko's Vault

13 - Co-Handler

14 - Briefcase

If you pick up this briefcase then you'll gain dossier information on Brayko.

15 - Briefcase

If you pick up this briefcase then you'll gain dossier information on Brayko.

16 - Brayko

  1. Entrance to the ballroom.