Mission: Assault Lazo's Yacht and Retrieve Data

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  • Mission advice. Bribing Lazo's security staff will no doubt yield helpful information regarding your mission.

    If you purchase this intel, then you'll be able to use a circuit breaker (#2), which will cause a guard to come and investigate. However, this guard will only appear after you've used the circuit breaker, so we're not sure if the sequence really gains you anything.

  • Bonus objective added to mission. Grigori has intercepted emails between Lazo and his boss that will highlight a target of opportunity on your mission.

    Note: This intel will only appear after you've met with Grigori, and only if Grigori likes you.

    If you purchase this intel, then a laptop will appear on the yacht (#3), and hacking it will net you $7500 and dossier information on the Russian mafia.


You'll start out in the stern of the yacht (#1). Your main objective is to locate Lazo and determine what information he might have. You'll find Lazo in his cabin in the lower level of the yacht (#4). While making your way to him, it's a good idea to disable all of his guards, both on his level and on the other two levels. There are only 11 guards, and getting them out of the way will make the final part of the mission easier.

When you reach Lazo, you'll find him alone with a woman. Lazo will always attack you if he spots you; there isn't any way to talk to him. The woman he's with will be looking your way, so you won't be able to sneak up on the pair without Evasion or the Shadow Operative skill. If you can sneak up on Lazo, then you'll be able to disable him with a single melee hit. But regardless, when Lazo goes down, three new guards will appear in the lower level of the yacht. If you were noisy in taking down Lazo, then these new guards and any other guards on the yacht will turn "red," and most of them will head for Lazo's cabin to see what just happened.

After dealing with Lazo, you'll receive a new objective -- to hack into the yacht's computer system (#6). However, when you reach the computer, a few G22 operatives, led by Sis, will leap onto the yacht and surround you. After sort of an odd scene, the G22 team will open fire on you (even if you're on good terms with G22). The G22 operatives shouldn't pose any problem for you. You'll just need to worry about Sis.

Sis will use a pair of laser-sighted pistols, and she'll always attack you from the bar. Since you'll have access to the bar before the battle, that means you can place a Remote Mine or some Shock Traps there, and take her down right away. Otherwise, you'll just need to watch for her lasers, and duck down when she's firing at you, and fire at her when she isn't crouching down herself. Sis will never charge at you, so you'll just need to whittle away her health.

Once you've done enough damage to Sis, she'll surrender, and you'll have to decide what to do with her:
  • If you let Sis live, then she'll give you a locket and flee the yacht. G22 will remain a potential ally, and you'll receive the mission Contact Albatross when you return to your safehouse. You'll also earn the I Don't Hit Girls perk.

  • If you kill Sis, then you'll pick up her locket from her corpse (not that you'll ever be able to do anything with it). G22 won't be happy with you, regardless of what you say to them, and they won't give you any assistance in your future missions in Moscow. You'll also earn the Sororicide perk.

1 - Starting Point (Main Level)

2 - Circuit Breaker (Lower Level)

If you purchased the "mission advice" intel, then you'll be able to use the circuit breaker here to lure a guard to you.

3 - Lazo's Computer (Lower Level)

If you purchased the "bonus objective" intel, then Lazo's computer will appear here. If you hack it, then you'll complete the "Hack Lazo's Computer" objective, which will net you $7500 and dossier information on the Russian mafia.

4 - Lazo's Cabin (Lower Level)

5 - Random Mod (Lower Level)

You'll find a random mod here.

6 - Computer System (Upper Level)