Mission: Contact Madison Saint James
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  • Dossier information on Madison Saint James. Purchasing this intel will expand your dossier on the VCI staff member, Madison Saint James.


When you meet with Madison at the restaurant, she'll inform you that she works for VCI and that her boss Conrad Marburg wants you dead -- which, given your recent meeting him, shouldn't come as a surprise. Madison will then reveal that Marburg doesn't keep an office in the VCI headquarters, and so if he has any secret files, you'll probably find them in his villa. This will result in you receiving the mission Investigate Marburg's Villa.

Note: Madison is a potential romance option. In general, she'll respond well if you act in a professional or suave manner, and she'll respond badly if you act aggressively. For this mission, you'll only be able to gain one point of reputation with her, by choosing the "persuade" (suave) option near the end of the conversation. You can also lose 3 points of reputation with her, by selecting the aggressive stance at every opportunity.