Mission: Assault Triad Headquarters in Slums

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  • One of the men working for Hong Shi's wayward lieutenants is willing to assist you in your mission... for money, of course.

    If you purchase this intel, then one of the doors in the mission will start out unlocked instead of locked (#2), and you'll also find a sniper rifle (#6).

  • Dossier information on the Triads. Purchasing this intel will expand your dossier on the organized criminals of the far east -- the infamous Triads.

  • Mission map of the Triad slums. For a small fee, a surveillance company will provide you with a detailed map of the urban area where the Triad defectors are encamped.

    If you purchase this intel, then the mission map will include notations for cameras, computers, and a few other points of interest.


Your main objective in this mission is to kill three of Hong Shi's lieutenants: "Red-Eye" Jin (#4), Tony Tseng (#7), and Eric Chung (#14). These lieutenants are bosses, but they're not much tougher than regular enemies, so you won't need to do anything special to defeat them. In fact, if you can sneak up on them, then you'll be able to kill them in a single melee hit.

Once you've dispatched Eric Chung (#14), Mina will contact you and let you know that several Triads are heading your way. If you took control of the automated turrets in Chung's room (via the computer at #13), then surviving this ambush won't be very difficult, as the turrets will handle it for you. Otherwise, you might want to use the manual turret to gun down the Triads, or perhaps retreat back to the room with the computers in it and pick off the Triads as they round the corner. Once you've defeated the Triads, you'll just need to exit the slums (via Exit A) to complete the mission.

After the mission, instead of returning to your safehouse right away, you'll visit Hong Shi at his restaurant. If you learned why Hong's lieutenants were really breaking away from him (gained from reading the intel at #3, #8 and #11), then you'll receive an option to blackmail him. This will give you a few choices:
  • If you blackmail Hong for intel, then you'll receive dossier information on him and the CSP, but you'll lose a point of reputation with him, and he won't help you later.

  • If you blackmail Hong for money, then you'll receive $10,000, but you'll lose a point of reputation with him, and he won't help you later.

  • If you decide to remain friends with Hong, then you'll gain a point of reputation with him, and the Triads will remain available to help you out in the final mission in Taipei.
Regardless, Hong will admit to helping Shaheed acquire weapons, and he'll warn you against Omen Deng, a "powerful man in Taipei" believed to be involved in the assassination plot in some way.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Locked Door

If you purchased the "assist you" intel, then this door will start out unlocked.

3 - Computers

You'll find two computers in this part of the building, one on the ground floor and one on the upper floor. Hacking the computer on the ground floor will complete the objective "Suspicion." Hacking the computer on the upper floor will deactivate all of the cameras in the slums.

4 - "Red-Eye" Jin (Upper Floor)

5 - Gate

This gate won't open until you've defeated "Red-Eye" Jin (#4).

6 - Sniper Rifle (Upper Floor)

This sniper rifle will only appear if you purchased the "assist you" intel.

7 - Tony Tseng (Upper Floor)

8 - Computer (Upper Floor)

Hacking this computer will complete the objective "Motives."

9 - Briefcase

If you pick up this briefcase, then you'll receive $2000 and dossier information on the Triads.

10 - Wall Safe

If you break into the wall safe, then you'll complete the objective "Discovered Betrayal Intel." If you also found the other Triad info (at #3 and #8), then this will complete the objective "Uncover Motive" and earn you the Behind the Lies perk.

11 - Computer

Hacking this computer will open up the sluice gates, which will allow you to use the center channel to sneak into the next room.

12 - Armor Mod

You'll find a random armor mod here.

13 - Computer

Hacking this computer will give you control of the turrets in the next room.

14 - Eric Chung

H - Healing Supplies

$ - Money

  1. Slums exit.