Overview: Moscow
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Your goal in Moscow is to learn more about how the Halbech missiles made their way from Moscow to Saudi Arabia. You'll start out with three missions: Assault Lazo's Yacht and Retrieve Data (to learn more about the Russian mafia), Contact Grigori the Informant (to learn who Halbech might have been dealing with in Moscow), and Investigate Weapon Shipments (to check out Leningradski Station, where the missiles were stored).

During these missions you'll learn about Sergei Surkov, and you'll meet with him during the mission Intercept Surkov at US Embassy (and perhaps Contact Surkov at Moscow Office). Surkov will inform you that a mobster named Konstantin Brayko is the man you're looking for, but you won't figure out what's really going on until you've completed the missions Assault Brayko's Mansion and Prevent Surkov's Escape. Dealing with Brayko and Surkov will end the Moscow portion of the campaign.

You're not required to complete all of the missions in Moscow to learn about Brayko and Surkov, but it's a good idea. That way you'll meet and have a chance to interact with a pair of potential allies in SIE (of the VCI) and Albatross (of G22). The order that you complete the missions isn't really important, except that you should meet with Grigori before doing anything else. That way you'll be able to make an additional $30,000 when you complete the mission Investigate Weapon Shipments.