Mission: Contact Halbech Informant / Contact Jibril Al-Bara
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If you killed Al-Bara during the mission Identify Jibril Al-Bara at Chateau, then you'll receive the mission "Contact Halbech Informant." If you instead spared Al-Bara, then you'll receive the mission "Contact Jibril Al-Bara." But in both cases you'll end up meeting with Conrad Marburg, and so the two missions are the same.

  • Dossier information on Marburg. Purchasing this intel will expand your dossier on Conrad Marburg, an elder statesman of the espionage world.


You'll receive this mission from an email at your safehouse (regardless of how you reply to it), but when you go to the cafe referenced in the email, you'll end up meeting Conrad Marburg rather than the person you were expecting. Marburg is a professional, and you'll gain reputation with him if you act professionally as well. However, the only way you'll eventually be allowed to kill Marburg is if your reputation with him is low, and so you might want to act aggressively towards him instead so you lose reputation.

Note: If you respond to the email by asking Mina to investigate it, and if you complete another mission before this one, then she'll reply that the email is probably a set-up.

Regardless of how you act at the cafe, Marburg will encourage you to leave Rome and stop paying attention to Halbech. He'll even hint that he knows about Mina, and he'll threaten to kill her -- and you -- if you continue. "Leave Rome. If we see each other again, it will be the last time."

After talking with Marburg, when you return to your safehouse, Mina will inform you that Madison Saint James is attempting to reach the police concerning you. When you intercept the call, you'll have a short conversation with Madison, which will culminate with you receiving the mission Contact Madison Saint James.