Mission: Investigate Marburg's Villa

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  • Dossier information on Deus Vult. Purchasing this intel will expand your dossier on the agents that take orders from Conrad Marburg.

  • Mission map for the villa where Marburg is located. For a small fee, a surveillance company will provide you with a detailed map of this secluded residence.

    The mission map won't actually show you very much, but it will reveal a secret door the garden (#17) which you wouldn't be able to open otherwise.


For some reason you'll decide to walk up to Marburg's villa and request an interview -- which will result in you being tasered, stripped of your equipment, and attacked by a pair of Marburg's goons (#1). Once the dust has settled, you'll have to choose a handler for the mission, either SIE (if you've been to Moscow already), Madison, or Mina. You should choose the person you'd like to gain reputation with. If you choose someone other than Mina, then you'll lose reputation with her.

The first thing you'll need to do in the mission is retrieve your gear (#8). There are two ways to get to it. You can go through a handful of armed guards in the display room (#4), or you can pick the lock to Marburg's office (#2) and then head through the balcony (#3). The latter approach is best because you'll only have to deal with one guard (who will be facing the wrong way), and you'll pass by Marburg's phone, which will allow you to complete the "Find Intel" objective.

Once you've recovered your gear, a nearby locked door (#9) will open up, allowing you to access the rest of the villa. To escape, you'll need to head through the patio (#11), the game room (#12), and finally the garden (#20). For an easier time in the garden, you might want to take advantage of a sniper rifle (#15), which you'll find adjacent to the upper part of the game room. When you exit the garden (via Exit A), the mission will come to an end.

1 - Starting Point (Upper Floor)

2 - Marburg's Office (Upper Floor)

If you pick up the phone in the office, then you'll complete the "Find Intel" objective.

3 - Balcony (Upper Floor)

4 - Display Room (Upper Floor)

5 - Random Mod (Upper Floor)

You'll find a random weapon mod here.

6 - Wall Safe (Upper Floor)

You'll find $1000 in the safe.

7 - Security Office (Upper Floor)

You'll find two computers and a safe in the office. One computer will allow you to deactivate the cameras in the villa; the other will net you $2000. Inside the safe you'll find $1000.

8 - Duffle Bag (Upper Floor)

This is where you'll find your gear.

9 - Locked Door (Upper Floor)

This door will only open up after you've recovered your gear (#8).

10 - Briefcase (Lower Floor)

Inside this briefcase you'll find dossier information on Madison Saint James.

11 - Patio (Lower Floor)

12 - Game Room

13 - Safe (Lower Floor)

Inside this safe you'll find $1000.

14 - Briefcase (Upper Floor)

Inside this briefcase you'll find some Halbech data, which will result in you receiving the "Body Armor Recall" email when you return to your safehouse.

15 - Sniper Rifle (Upper Floor)

16 - Security Office

Inside this office you'll find three things of note: files worth $2000, a briefcase with $3500 and dossier information on Deus Vult in it, and a computer. If you hack into the computer, then you'll shut down the automated turrets in the villa, and you'll also complete the "Find Additional Intel" objective.

17 - Secret Door

If you purchased the "mission map" intel, then you'll be able to open this door (hidden behind a garden hose). Otherwise, you won't.

18 - Briefcase

Inside this briefcase you'll find dossier information on Conrad Marburg.

19 - Files

Inside these files you'll find $2000 and Alan Parker's secret dossier fact. Picking up the files will also complete the "Find Final Intel" objective.

20 - Garden

  1. Garden exit.