Mission: Contact Grigori the Informant
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  • Dossier information on Grigori. Purchasing this intel will expand your dossier on one of Moscow's most influential underground information brokers, Grigori.


You'll meet with Grigori in Dimitri's Bar in Moscow. You'll have three ways to handle him:
  • If you're professional, then you'll have to bribe him $5000 to get information out of him, and you'll receive the Straight Talker perk. Grigori won't really respect you, though, and he'll tell other people that you were there (you'll see this in an email when you return to your safehouse).

  • If you're aggressive / violent, then you'll receive the Enough Chit-Chat perk. Grigori will be a little bit afraid of you, but he'll still inform other people that you were there (you'll see this in an email when you return to your safehouse).

    Note: If you're violent with Grigori, then you'll lose reputation with him and Mina.

  • If you're suave, then Grigori will take a liking to you, and you'll receive the Friends in Low Places perk. You won't actually gain any reputation with Grigori, but he won't tell anybody that you were there.
Regardless of your approach, Grigori will tell you about Sergei Surkov, a "businessman" who might know who Halbech was dealing with in Moscow. This will eventually lead to you receiving the mission Intercept Surkov at US Embassy.

If Grigori likes you -- that is, if you were professional or suave with him -- and if you haven't yet completed the mission Investigate Weapon Shipments, then he'll make you a proposition. He'll tell you that other weapons besides missiles go through Leningradski Station, and he'll ask you to redistribute some of them "to a friend of ours, who will be happy to reimburse us." This will allow you to send some weapons to Grigori or yourself, which will net you $30,000.

But Note: You'll be able to reroute the weapon shipment even if Grigori doesn't tell you about it, just as long as you complete the mission Investigate Weapon Shipments at some point after this mission.

Finally, for completing this mission, Grigori will become a new supplier for you at the clearinghouse, and he'll have a variety of weapons and mods for sale.