Mission: Contact Surkov at Moscow Office
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This mission will only become available if Surkov had reason to trust you at the end of the mission Intercept Surkov at US Embassy. If he didn't -- that is, if you've shown that you're untrustworthy (by, for example, beating up Grigori during the mission Contact Grigori the Informant) -- then he should have given you the relevant information while you were at the embassy, making this mission unnecessary.


In this mission you'll have a short conversation with Surkov, during which he'll reveal the name of Halbech's current contact in Moscow -- one Konstantin Brayko, a lieutenant in the Russian mafia, and a big fan of the 80's. Your dialogue options won't make a lot of difference in the conversation, but if you're professional throughout, then you'll gain a point of reputation with Surkov. At the end of the conversation, you'll meet Championchik, Surkov's bodyguard, and you'll learn where Brayko is staying, which will unlock the mission Assault Brayko's Mansion.