Mission: Identify Jibril Al-Bara at Chateau
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  • Dossier information on Jibril Al-Bara. Purchasing this intel will add to your dossier on Jibril Al-Bara, an alleged associate of the Al-Samad terrorist network.

    If you don't purchase this intel, then you'll get the dossier information for free when you identify Al-Bara at the end of the mission.

  • Spending some money on the street to gather information on Al-Samad operatives in the area should help you identify the right target.

    Supposedly this intel should make it easier to identify people at the chateau, but we couldn't tell the difference.


In this mission you'll just need to identify people at Al-Bara's chateau using the scope of your sniper rifle. To do this, just keep the scope trained on a person for 5-10 seconds, which will give Mina enough time to tell you who they are. You'll have to do this in three different places -- at the front gate (where you'll find three people watching the gate), at the chateau grounds (where you'll find three people patrolling the walkways and two in windows), and finally at the chateau itself (where you'll find Al-Bara at the base of a tower, and four other people guarding a staircase).

When you identify Al-Bara, you'll have to make a decision. Mina will give you some conflicting information -- the State Department will say that he's dirty, but Interpol will say that he's clean -- and so you'll have to decide whether you should kill him or not. If you kill Al-Bara, then you'll gain the Faith Killer perk, and you'll receive the mission Contact Halbech Informant. If you abort the mission, then you'll receive the mission Contact Jibril Al-Bara.

You can also pick up some perks during the mission. If you identify all of the people at the chateau, then you'll receive the On the Guestlist perk. If you shoot some of the people at the chateau (not counting Al-Bara), then you'll receive the Trigger Happy perk. If you kill one of the people at the chateau without uploading even partial information to Mina (easiest to do by missing with your first shot and then shooting people as they run), then you'll gain the Snap Shot perk.

Note: As far as we can tell, if you shoot anybody in the mission -- whether that person can be seen by another person or camera or not -- then the alarm will sound and you'll have to shoot everybody in that part of the chateau. If you're trying to pick up some of the shooting perks, then you'll have the easiest time shooting everybody at the front gate.