Mission: Investigate Warehouse District Data Trail

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  • Mina can put you in touch with a computer specialist that can write a program to assist your infiltration of any computer servers.

    This intel will make it easier to bug the servers (#7) in the mission. When you reach the network hub (#6), you'll only have to bug one of the servers instead of all three. The other servers will have to be bugged normally.

  • Mission map for the mission. For a small fee, a surveillance company will provide you with a detailed map of the compound.

    If you purchase this intel, then all of the cameras, turrets, and computers will be marked on the map.

  • The security intel on the warehouse district indicated a system of automated turrets are in place. The manufacturer could be bribed to give you the proper transponder frequency.

    If you purchase this intel, then the turrets in the warehouse won't consider you to be an enemy.


Early on in the mission, you'll discover several servers (#7), and you'll realize that the warehouse is really a listening post for some unknown organization. You'll then receive a new objective: to bug at least three of the six servers. You won't have to play a mini-game to bug the servers; you'll just need to get close them. If you purchased Mina's intel, then you won't need to bug all of the servers; bugging any of the servers in the network hub (#6) will net you all three. Even though it's not required, we'd recommend bugging all six servers. That will give you more options at the end of the mission.

Once you've bugged three servers, you'll discover that there's a jamming device somewhere nearby, and that you'll have to disable it for your bugs to do any good. At the same time, a new guard will appear in the network hub, and stand at attention near the exit. The easiest way to deal with him is to shoot him with a silencer from the lower level of the hub.

You'll find the jamming device on the roof of the warehouse (#9). The device can be difficult to reach because you'll have to sneak past or disable a few guards above you (on both sides of the roof, no less), plus guards patrolling the roof itself. Fortunately, you'll find lots of things to hide behind on the roof, and even if the guards spot you, most of them (including the guards at the helicopter) won't be able to trigger the alarm right away, and so you'll have a chance to deal with them before you're officially detected.

When you hack the jamming device, a new guard will arrive on the room via the exit structure (#10). This will open the way for your escape, first through a garage and then through a parking area. When you reach the exit itself (Exit A), you'll have two ways to use it: you can pick the lock on the gate while avoiding a camera, or you can climb over the gate using the nearby ladder (#13). The latter approach is the easiest.

When you exit the warehouse, you'll get a call from somebody named Albatross (assuming he's still alive). He'll explain that his organization, G22, isn't associated with Al-Samad or Halbech, and he'll demand that you remove your bugs. You'll then have to make a choice: to keep the bugs active and lose G22 as an ally, or to destroy the bugs. If you bugged all six servers, then you'll get a third option: to bluff Albatross, which will allow you to keep one bug active while also keeping G22 friendly. If you keep a bug active, then you'll eventually receive dossier information about Omen Deng and possibly Albatross via email (you'll only receive the Albatross information if you were stealthy during the mission). If you keep G22 friendly, then they'll be able to help you in some future missions, including the final mission in Taipei.

1 - Starting Point (Upper Level)

2 - Camera Power Switch (Upper Level)

Flipping this switch will turn off the two nearby cameras.

3 - Elevator

The elevator will take you from the top level to the main level.

4 - Clipboard (Lower Level)

If you pick up this clipboard, then you'll receive dossier information on Sis.

5 - Broken Computers

These two computers appear to be broken. If you hack them, then you'll gain a bit of xp, but nothing else will happen.

6 - Network Hub

7 - Server

8 - Folder

If you pick up this folder, then you'll receive dossier information on Scarlet Lake.

9 - Jamming Device

10 - Roof Exit Structure

11 - Briefcase

If you pick up this briefcase, then you'll receive $5000 and some Halbech data. The data isn't dossier information. It will give you an email about foreign elections fraud when you return to your safehouse.

12 - Gadgets

In the back of the trailer here, you'll find an Incendiary Bomb and an Explosive Grenade.

13 - Ladder

14 - Weapon Mod

Inside the locked trailer here you'll find a random weapon mod.

H - Healing Supplies

$ - Money

  1. Warehouse exit.