Mission: Investigate Jizan Weapon Stockpile

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  • Additional supplies added to the mission area. With a few dollars to grease the wheels, you can have Al-Samad's weapon supplier shuttle in more weaponry at bargain rates -- which you can then swipe during your mission.

    Note: This intel will only be available if you haven't yet completed the mission Intercept Nasri the Arms Dealer.

    We can't tell if this intel actually does anything for you or not. We didn't notice any fixed spots where equipment appears, but a couple of times when we played this mission, we saw mods drop from dead soldiers -- but then a couple of times when we played it, nothing extra dropped. So we don't know if maybe the intel increases the odds that you'll find mods, or if perhaps it's just broken.

  • Additional supplies added to the mission area. Seeing as Nasri owes you his life, the least he can do is send supplies to your mission site for you to procure -- all for an insultingly low price.

    Note: This intel will only be available if you completed the mission Intercept Nasri the Arms Dealer and extorted Nasri.

    This intel is presumably the same as the other "additional supplies" intel, and just as worthless, but at least it's much cheaper to purchase.

  • Bonus objective added to the mission. Nasri's captor is offering information on items of interest located in the Al-Samad Jizan compound.

    Note: This intel will only be available if you completed the mission Intercept Nasri the Arms Dealer and arrested Nasri.

    If you purchase this intel then you'll find a laptop during the mission (#6), which you'll be able to sell for $5000.

  • Bonus objective added to the mission. Darcy's contact in the area is willing to provide you with special instructions on disabling the compound's security... for a price, of course.

    Despite what the intel says, you won't receive an extra objective during the mission. Supposedly this intel makes the covert ops mini-games easier to complete, but at this stage in the game the mini-games are pretty easy anyway, and so you shouldn't bother with this unless you're really struggling with them.

  • Reduction in enemy strength in the mission. An American private military company is offering day contracts anywhere in the Mideast. For a small fee, the PMC will run a sortie not far from Al-Samad's location and draw out any alert staff -- leaving only the second rate guards on duty when you show up.

    This intel appears to remove a handful of soldiers from the mission.


For this mission you'll need to infiltrate an Al-Samad camp and pick up some information on what they've been up to lately. You'll start out far away from the camp (#1), which means you'll have to evade or disable a handful of guards as you make your way to it. To help you out, you should take advantage of the sandstorms in the area. Each time a sandstorm kicks up, the guards will stop what they're doing and cover their faces, making them much easier to approach.

The camp itself is basically a big box. You'll find the radio tower to the northeast (#2). When you reach it, Darcy will instruct you to go to the nearby power generator (#4) and cut off the power to the camp. You'll find the generator through the door next to the radio tower, and then up the stairs. Along the way you might notice a briefcase sitting on some crates. If you loot it then you'll find $5000 and dossier information on Al-Samad.

When you turn off the power, the gate leading to the underground detention cells (#5) will open up, but some new guards will spill through it and begin patrolling the camp. If you use the zip-line just outside the generator room, then you might be able to get behind the guards and go through the gate without them noticing. Otherwise, you'll probably have a tougher trip.

Scattered around the underground portion of the camp, you'll find some useful things, including a detention cell full of loot (#6), a briefcase that will complete the objective "Gather Detention Records" (#7), and a computer that you can hack for information about Al-Samad (#8). However, when you hack the computer, several guards will charge in and begin looking for you. Unless you're really good at stealth (or lucky), you won't have any choice here, and you'll have to duke it out with them.

Note: If you really want to be stealthy, then you should head into the southeastern room and proceed from there. It won't take too long for the guards to change from alerted (yellow) to oblivious (blue).

When you get back outside, you'll find Darcy there with a helicopter (#10), but a whole bunch of new soldiers will also be there (many of them with rocket launchers), and you'll need to dispatch them so you can take off. However, once you've completed the objective, even more soldiers will show up, and you'll either need to take them down as well, or simply sneak past them to rendezvous with the helicopter and exit the mission area. To reach the helicopter, you can either operate the controls at the back gate (#9), or you can drop down behind it using the sentry platform.

Note: When you exit the underground portion of the camp, a few ammunition boxes will appear in the camp courtyard, including at least one for specialty ammunition, and so you should make a quick sweep for them before boarding the helicopter.

1 - Starting Point (Outside)

2 - Radio Tower (Outside)

3 - Briefcase (Upper Base)

Looting this briefcase will give you $5000 and a new piece of dossier information about Al-Samad.

4 - Generator (Upper Base)

5 - Door to Detention Cells (Outside)

6 - Treasure Cell (Underground)

Inside this cell you'll always find two things: a lockbox containing $1500, and a briefcase containing $2000 and dossier information on Halbech. But if you purchased the "items of interest" intel from Nasri's captor, then you'll also find a briefcase (laptop) here worth $5000.

7 - Briefcase (Underground)

When you pick up this briefcase, you'll complete the objective "Gather Detention Records."

8 - Computer (Underground)

9 - Back Gate (Outside)

10 - Helicopter (Outside)

  1. Path between the northern and southern halves of the map.