Mission: Bug Al-Samad Airfield

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  • Dossier information on Al-Samad. Purchasing this intel will expand your dossier on the Al-Samad terrorist organization.

  • Mission map for the mission. For a small fee, a surveillance company will provide you with a detailed map of Al-Samad's airfield.

    Purchasing this intel will display two points of interest on the map -- the sniper rifle that you can purchase (#2) and a zip-line that you can use to reach the control tower (#9).

  • Sniper rifle dead drop. Darcy's contact will, for a price, leave a precision rifle in a pre-arranged location in Al-Samad's airfield, for use in your mission.

    You'll find the sniper rifle in a sentry tower near the entrance to the airfield (#2). You'll only be able to kill a couple of soldiers with it.


In this mission you'll start out to the south of the airfield (#1), and your first objective will be to get inside. There are two ways that you can do this: you can hack the computer in one of the outer buildings (#3) to open up the main gate (#5), or you can climb to the top of the other building (#4) and then either jump across some crates or take a zip-line over the the gate.

Through the rest of the airfield, you'll have to zigzag through some buildings, disabling guards and picking up loot as you go. The guards shouldn't cause you too many problems; they won't detect stealthed characters very well, and even if they do notice you, they'll rarely hit you with their shots, giving you all sorts of time to aim when you return fire.

Note: This mission features Mysteriously Disappearing Guards. From our experience, if you load a checkpoint then all of the guards near the checkpoint will disappear, making it much easier to "evade" them.

To enter the control tower, you'll once again have multiple choices: there are two zip-lines that you can use (#9 and #10), or you can jump to the tower from the hangar to the west, or you can just evade or mow down the guards patrolling outside and then go in through the front door.

Inside the tower, you'll have three main things that you can do. On the lowest level, you'll find a computer (#11), and hacking it will complete the "Obtain Flight Records" objective, plus earn you a point of reputation with Mina. On the ground level you'll find a computer (#12), and hacking it will complete the "Gather Intel" objective. And on the highest level, you'll find a console (#13), and bugging it will complete the main objective for the mission and return you to your safehouse in Saudi Arabia.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Sentry Tower

If you purchased the sniper rifle, then this is where you'll find it.

3 - Computer

If you hack this computer, then you'll open the main gate to the airfield (#5).

4 - Building

At the top of this building you'll find two routes to cross over the top of the gate (#5): some crates that you can leap across, and a zip-line that you can slide down.

5 - Main Gate

6 - Hangar

Inside this hangar you'll encounter Shaheed's "elite guard." You'll recognize them because they'll be wearing red masks. If you defeat them, then you'll earn a point of reputation with Mina, and you won't have to face them when you finally catch up to Shaheed in a later mission. Also in the hangar you'll find a random mod, plus some ammo and cash.

7 - Computer

If you hack this computer then you'll turn off most of the cameras in the airfield. You'll also gain reputation with Mina.

8 - Weapons Cache

If you sabotage the weapons cache, then you'll gain a point of reputation with Mina.

9 - Zip-Line

You can use the zip-line here or in the nearby sentry tower (#10) to reach the control tower.

10 - Sentry Tower

You can use the zip-line here or attached to the nearby building (#9) to reach the control tower.

11 - Computer (Lower Level)

12 - Computer (Ground Level)

13 - Console (Upper Level)

H - Healing Supplies

$ - Money