Mission: Intercept NSA Intelligence
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When you start the mission, Mina will inform you that the NSA is using a gelato (ice cream) shop as a cover for their operations. She'll also let you know the handshake phrase so you can identify yourself to the agent in charge, and vice versa. However, when you talk to the agent, he won't respond with the correct phrase, and this will give you two options -- to pretend that you're there to upgrade the computers, or to kill the agent.

If you try to talk your way past the agent, then you'll succeed as long as you immediately tell him the handshake phrase (if you try a different dialogue option, then he'll eventually pull a gun on you, and you'll have to kill him). If you kill the agent, then you'll be able to get to the computers right away. As far as we can tell, there aren't any ramifications for how you complete the mission, so feel free to use whichever option seems most suitable for your character.

"I think I just got salmonella by looking at this place."