Mission: Contact Steven Heck
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  • Dossier information on Steven Heck. Purchasing this intel will expand you dossier on the self-proclaimed super-agent Steven Heck.


This mission consists of a single conversation with Steven Heck. Heck is supposedly a secret agent affiliated with the CIA, but he might also be crazy, or perhaps both, and you'll never learn which answer is correct. To gain reputation with him, you should play along with his world view, which will usually mean taking the "suave" conversation options. If you complete other missions first before meeting Heck, then you'll lose 2 points of reputation with him at the start of the mission. So you should meet with him right away to avoid the penalty.

When you arrive at Heck's dry cleaning establishment, you'll find him interrogating Wen Shu (who might play a role later in the game). If you choose the "helpful" and "admiring" (aggressive) conversation options, then you'll gain +4 reputation with Heck. Later in the conversation, when you finally get Heck to focus on the assassination attempt on Ronald Sung, he'll let you know that the National Security Bureau (NSB) is providing Sung's security detail when he stays at the Grand Hotel, and so they might have information about who wants him dead. This will lead to you receiving the mission Retrieve NSB Data from Grand Hotel.

There are three perks that you can earn during the mission: Speaking the Language (if you're mostly suave), Everybody Loves Dry Cleaning Solution (if you're mostly aggressive), and Stick to Business (if you're mostly professional). You'll only be able to earn one of the perks.

Note: Completing this mission will add Heck Enterprises as a merchant for the clearinghouse.

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